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The king of glory the secular Internet cafes, large screen, fingers luxuriant operation smoothly!

by:Toponetech     2020-09-02
Now the king of glory mobile game has maxed out each big social platform, whether in the student party or working group, has its figure, a large group of hardcore gamers, presents some kind of universal 'into the pit of! ' An unprecedented boom! And with the king glory e-sports games such as mobile phone, the rise of offline also acutely smell business opportunities in the cyber-bar industry, successively introduced the corresponding game equipment. Now, let the crown teck, we take you to learn about the deeply. In mobile game of the specialized sports zone, display decoration not ordinary mobile phones, but is referred to as the 'e-sports' mobile game industry of domestic equipment. The fuselage for industrial equipment ontology android tablets, its so the projected capacitive touch technology, can let the players with ten fingers operation at the same time, the luxuriant smoothly wantonly in the game 'super god, kill! Some readers might feel strange, industrial tablets? Is not used in the industrial environment equipment? Why use Internet cafes, speaking of which, crown we'll show you to know about the industrial application fields of the tablet. In today's world has welcomed intelligence, artificial intelligence and business intelligence, the power of the development of a new era is becoming an economic field is very wide, involved in the business intelligence equipment such as Shared bikes popular across the country last year, wing on the public bicycle site car pile; Towards wisdom logistics industry in the development of new intelligent express the ark; Has been pressed the fire didn't attention for intelligent robot; Require a industrial tablet computer as core control device with the software system. Speaking of which, isn't it a bit to make? Then look at. Commercial grade tablet relatively speaking, applies only to the office or hanging in an indoor environment do simple display, outdoor terminal equipment and indoor self-service terminal equipment must be using industrial-grade tablets, king glory cafe using industrial-grade tablets, tablets to reach the business with the following characteristics: in many environmental applications, commercial grade tablet difficult to meet basic needs, equipment are buyers more choice industrial-grade tablets, such as application in king glory Internet cafe, can embody the IP65 dust waterproof protection grade, embedded flat surface installation, aluminum alloy efficient heat dissipation function etc, from the aspects of performance, and beauty, as well as the quality level is much higher than commercial tablets. Visible, whether king glory of Internet cafes, intelligent express ark, intelligent era's development is inseparable from the industrial-grade tablets.
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