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The keyboard is touch screen of the future?

by:Toponetech     2020-07-30
This is a lazy afternoon, not the dazzling sunlight from the window to the west of the in. Your left hand picked up the starbucks set limit to mark cup took a sip of his Flat White, elegant and expensive gas; Right hand put the computer light, in black and white 'Roman holiday', put Audrey Hepburn old appearance in the heart once again touched. Wait, stop! This scenario may be later more and more difficult to see, because cd-rom will be away from the computer. Toshiba, samsung, according to the Winfuture joint venture established by Toshiba samsung storage technologies, inc. ( TSST) After formal stop production drive, a batch of products delivery will be completed before the end of the year. After Toshiba samsung exit the cd-rom production, there are on the market of optical drive manufacturer with only two - — Hitachi LG and lite. Drive manufacturers work so depressed, nature and laptop even less common desktop PC using optical drive. Of course, the key or the Internet age, the carrier of information from the CD into other media, cd-rom nature more and more dispensable. Laptop 'to drive' campaign, apple MacBook credit. Jobs in the conference, took the MacBook Air from an envelope in the scene has become the history of the eternal moment. And achievement of this classic moment or MacBook Air frivolous nature wants to count the MacBook Air to remove the cause of the optical drive. In addition to remove the drive, in order to make the MacBook Air more frivolous, apple has done a lot of effort, after some trade-offs, get rid of a lot of parts. With super this put forward this concept, this trend also spread in a wider Windows ranks. Drive up, many interface is increasingly difficult to see on the computer, such as Ethernet cable interface. In addition to some specific business model, and now most of the computer already see this interface, after all, the wireless network is more and more popular now. And Ethernet interface similar fate, and VGA interface, etc. , are the main reasons why better alternatives, such as the Mini DP. With the appearance of the super this gradually from high-end to low-end also showed a trend of elimination from the mechanical drive, it is gradually eliminated by solid-state drives. The trend of time is not short, about the advantages of solid-state drives, such as reading speed, low noise, low power consumption, such as seismic drop, we also heard. With solid-state drives prices and capacity expansion, mechanical hard disk replaced is a big trend, is also a kind of evolution. MG_7055, of course, a laptop minimalist to New MacBook with a headphone jack and a USB Type - C interface, and a bit too extreme, limited at the critical moment. Perhaps leave two or three can be the USB Type - high speed data transmission C interface is a good choice. Notebook computers at the same time of constantly give up old elements, and constantly introducing new elements. Has forecast of new apple products 'the fortuneteller' kgi analyst Guo Ming ð « “ creates, points out that the new 2016 MacBook Pro appearance will be more frivolous, at the same time will substitute article OLED touchscreen keyboard button at the top of the physical function, and will be in Touch Since 2016 MacBook Pro has not officially released, so the message can only temporarily as a rumor, but actually has a notebook to do so. Spirit razer blade 17 inch version of the touchpad area is a touch screen, and more extreme, in many years ago, Toshiba introduced a dual touch screen notebook W100. Toshiba W100, a bit like a bigger version 3 ds a screen can be turned into a variety of keyboard, and joined the vibration feedback, and already very close to the keyboard input. In addition, when don't need a keyboard, W100 in various applications can take advantage of the two screens, comfort level and application level up naturally. But at the time of the software and hardware conditions, double screen W100 or not practical enough. Compared to the huge mobile intelligent products, laptop momentum does not look strong, but as an integral part of productivity tools, it is also in the evolution, so this category for a laptop, do you think it what progress space?
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