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The iPhone for capacitive touch screen, the touch screen into life

by:Toponetech     2020-06-23
Although the touch screen has permeated every aspect of our lives, but the technology is always give a person the sense with high-end grade atmosphere. But few people know, invented the technology of americans in the early Samuel hirst is merely an ordinary university teachers. Look to the future, as the technology upgrading, touch screen will become lighter, even with the computer system. Only nine years ago, a touch screen for the vast majority of Chinese people, is still a distant and unfamiliar concept. Many people personally come into contact with the touch screen devices or in the major of Beijing Olympic Games venues, just click the icon on the screen to get the information they need to make myself, really impressive. There are, however, who would have thought that, nine years later, with the popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, touch screen has become the indispensable important part of our life. So, how did this happen? Jobs iPhone let touch screen turnaround as early as in jobs was high out of the apple before, he had envisaged to develop 'Macintosh mobile phone', but without success. After returning to apple, jobs in the two games won the iMac and the iPod commercial war victory, to look to the lucrative mobile communications market. He want to use a new product change 'mobile phone' in people's minds. For jobs always change numerous for brief design concept, one of his claim to the new cell phone is the phone can only have one button. To do this, there is no doubt that jobs can only choose a touch screen. But at that time, as in the market is filled with junk products MP3 player, and few success touch screen mobile phone. So, the choice of jobs, is a different approach, eventually he chose at the time also belongs to the technology of capacitive touch screen. The structure of the capacitive touch screen, the main is coated with a layer of transparent film on the glass screen conductor layer, and then in the conductor layer and a protective glass, plating on long and narrow electrodes in and around the touch screen, the conductive body form a low voltage ac electric field. When touching the screen, as a result of the existence of human body electric field, fingers and can form a coupling capacitance between conductor layer, electrode current will flow to the contact from the four edges of bag, and current intensity is proportional to the finger to the electrode distance from, located in the touch screen behind the controller can calculate the current ratio and the strength, accurately calculate the position of the touch point. Compared with the common resistive touch screens on the market at that time, the capacitive touch screen has obvious advantages. First, capacitive touch screen only need to touch, do not need pressure to generate the signals, and the resistive touch screen is activated by stress. Secondly, the average life span for the capacitive touch screen is long. Again, resistive touch screen, the upper thin film need enough to elastic, bend down to below the contact to the film, so easy to damage, and capacitive touch screen cover cover material is thick, and have a glass protection, good scratch resistance, can better protect the conductor and sensors. In addition, the capacitive touch screen is more durable, not easy ageing, high temperature resistance. And capacitive touch screen double glass design, can effectively prevent the impact of external environment factors on the touch screen, even if the screen is stained with filth, dust, or oily be soiled, capacitive touch screen is still can accurately calculate the touch location. More importantly, as the touch screen from the early analog touch screen evolved into digital touch screen, can realize multi-touch. This gives smartphone software design of the new space.
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