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The introduction of industrial tablets

by:Toponetech     2020-08-06
Industry tablet is often said that the computer touch screen machine, the machine performance is perfect, has the common business computer market performance. The difference is that the internal hardware, most products aimed at the industry choice is industrial motherboard, it with the difference between commercial motherboard production, product model is stable. Thus can see, the price of industrial motherboard is commercial motherboard price is high, the other is the RISC architecture. Industry demand for single is simple, the performance requirements is not high also, but the stability is very good. As commercial machine performance is better, many industrial field have begun to use cheaper commercial machine, and the commercial machine market is changing so much, people began to tend to be more humanistic touch tablet. Therefore industrial site, with the function of touch tablet computer will be the future trend of industrial touch tablet is a kind of industrial control, and its advantage in comparison to ordinary industrial control has the following points. 1, professional application in embedded terminal touch display, appearance structure, industry driven plate, the crown teck independent research and development design, the 3 mm slim front frame embedded joint at terminal equipment, show 'flat surface' effect, improve the aesthetic, fit of the unity of the whole machine equipment. 2, industrial protection grade, industrial-grade IP65 dust waterproof flat surface level, effectively prevent water, rain, dust, splashing into machines, easily cope with outdoor and indoor, manufacturing environment. 3, aluminum alloy wire drawing process, better heat dissipation performance, aluminum alloy material, wire drawing process, the weight light, anticorrosive, anti-fouling and efficient heat dissipation, the characteristics of adaptation in various harsh environment, the high strength work environment. 4, the machine fully enclosed dust-proof, rear cover without hole type design, internal structure of cooling technology, high efficiency of the heat of the heat produced in the operation of the machine, protect the internal components life, improve stability, reliability, all-in-one work. 5, independent research and development, industrial motherboard, industrial motherboard design, independent research and development of on-board industrial-grade J1900 motherboard, stable performance, low power consumption, resistance to electromagnetic interference, anti-static, surge. Below is crown teck industrial tablets, products include above speak X86 architecture and tablet ARM architecture, not only provide products equipment, also provides a series of technology solutions, has extensive application. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
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