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The influence of large size touch screen education market in the future

by:Toponetech     2020-08-10
Electronic whiteboard is a relatively new product, it brings together the electronic technology, software technology and other high-tech research and development of high-tech products, combined with computer and projector, can realize the paperless office and teaching, it can be like ordinary whiteboard or teaching the blackboard pen writing directly, and then lost into the computer, relative to the projector, ordinary whiteboard, electronic whiteboard has its merits. Since 2012, LCD tablet has been widely recognized and applied in the field of education, many users began to abandon the traditional electronic whiteboard choose LCD flat as multimedia teaching equipment, the trend for many enterprises to see the new business opportunities, whether it is a traditional electronic whiteboard manufacturers, or display manufacturers, have more TV makers have to join. Because at present the country has the corresponding access standards, so as long as a little technical enterprise, all want to points on a piece. According to statistics, in about 120000 units of LCD flat sales last year, rose 140% year-on-year, the market just started, a lot of enterprise is the target business opportunities, to join the market quickly, launch a 'own brand'. We all know that some domestic enterprises of 'imitation' beyond imagination, in the market, many products in addition to the name is different, have the same shape, function, moreover is directly USES OEM OEM production, resulting in the good and bad are intermingled of market products. According to industry experts predict that the next three years, there will be a big reshuffle LCD flat-panel market, currently on the market the enterprise will have a lot of problems such as technology, quality, service by acquisition or eliminated, who can smile to the who is really the winner. After the reshuffle, the product will be more prominent application value, a second-tier brands will gradually appear watershed. Large size touch screen industry rise just around the corner education equipment industry will be the important market after apple launched the iPhone, lit the touch technology boom, so to speak. As the technology development, product innovation, touch product also more and more rich, the characteristics of the large size is bigger and bigger, from the beginning of the 3 inch, one large size can reach 84 inch up to now. Bigger is obviously the higher pursuit of touch screen. Current market situation analysis, market space more large size touch screen. As smartphones, tablets, super this gets gradually the favour of consumer electronic products, such as large size touch screen is also highly regarded. Crown shares received on May 20, remit Lenovo Business Group, the supply of touch screen notice of project cooperation, project the total amount of about 3. 8. 4 billion yuan, a move that is the prelude to a large size touch screen industry era is coming. When the device, interactive tablet appeared, for the education industry has brought fresh experience. Now for the hot 'wisdom' of the classroom teaching of 'digital' solutions, such as basic has the large size of the touch tablet is set to one of the standard. China education equipment industry association said 'China education equipment industry market size, accounts for the proportion of expenditure of education funds is about 10%. China education funds first is up to 4% of GDP last year, a total of over 2 trillion yuan, so education equipment industry leap 200 billion steps. 'In the industry analysis, are still indispensable in traditional education equipment, all kinds of information, the emergence of digital education equipment, also make the promotion of modern education equipment and update speed obviously. A period in the future, education will equipment industry with education spending growth, keep the trend of rapid development, including interactive flat-panel industry would be a 'grand opera'.
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