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The importance of multi-touch technology for intelligent industrial equipment

by:Toponetech     2020-03-22
The equipment of artificial intelligence is more and more popular, so what are the typical features of the smart devices make it popular? More and more convenient to use and more and more humanized use patterns to intelligent devices widely sought after. But there is one point that support intelligent equipment of humanized operation technology is touch screen technology. Traditional touch technology, one can only send a contact information to the controller, and the multi-touch technology is able to record multi-touch information on what's happening at the same time. This increases the industry the maneuverability of the tablets, more favored by customers. Capacitive touch technology is widely used in surface capacitance ( SurfaceCapacitive) Technology. Its structure is relatively simple, using a layer of ITO glass as the main body, at least four outer power, provide voltage in the corners of the glass, the glass surface to form a uniform electric field, when the user has touched the operation, the controller can use human fingers and electric field changes produced by electrostatic reaction, detect the touch location coordinates. Projected capacitance ( ProjectiveCapacitive) Technology is to realize the hope of multi-touch. Its basic principle is still predominantly capacitive sensing, surface capacitive touch screens, but compared with projected capacitive touch screen USES multiple ITO layer, form the matrix distribution, with the X axis and Y axis crossing distribution as capacitance matrix, when a finger touch screen, through the X, Y axis scanning, detect the touch location change of capacitance, and then calculate the fingers. Based on this architecture, projected capacitance can multi-touch operations. But, in order to realize this kind of technology, whether it is a conductive layer planning, wiring or CPU operation, improve many difficulty, need to use more powerful processors. In addition, complex contact can positioning technology will also face some challenges on the design, such as the supply of high voltage is needed to get better SNR performance, not suitable for use in large size panel, etc. At present, the application range of the touch screen has become more and more widely, from the industrial use of factory equipment/operating system, the control of the public information query electronic navigation facilities, commercial use of the machine, to consumer electronics mobile phone, PDA, digital cameras and so on all can see the figure of the touch screen. Of seats ear smart is dedicated to embedded industrial computer, industrial tablets, industrial monitors sales, to provide high-end control system overall solution, and OEM/ODM service customization. Industrial intelligent plate can be widely used in intelligent transportation, medical, industrial automation, intelligent logistics, MES system integration, intelligent equipment, electric power, etc, if you need further details, welcome to consult our customer service at any time!
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