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The human-computer interaction system trend: touch gesture sensing technology

by:Toponetech     2020-08-15
Human-computer interaction, human-computer interaction, English: the Human - Computer Interaction or the Human - Machine Interaction, HCI or HMI) , is the study of the interaction relationship between users and system science. System can be all kinds of machines, can also be a computerized systems and software. The human-computer interaction interface is usually refers to the visible part of the user. The user through the human-computer interaction interface and system communication, and operate. Small as the radio broadcast buttons to the dashboard, or power plant control room on the plane. The human-computer interaction interface design should contain the user's understanding of system ( The mental model) , that is for the system availability or user friendly. Hyundai motor company in the launch of a concept car is equipped with car audio signal control system, including the pilot can control the volume by gestures. Toyota and Microsoft are also joint research this kind of car technology. In addition, Volvo car company for its concept car is equipped with relevant car induction system, wherein the sensing system can be achieved by the infrared camera to real-time monitor the driver line of sight direction and system in the induction to the driver's line of sight to fall on the vehicle control screen, the system will automatically car central display light. Accordingly, the world's major auto parts companies are also in for a study of related products. Stmicroelectronics ( STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics is one of the world's major semiconductor company, is famous for its industry in the broad product portfolio, with diversified technology, design ability, combination of intellectual property, strategic partners and manufacturing capabilities, STMicroelectronics to innovative semiconductor solutions for different customers with services in the field of electronic applications) And Michael to core company ( Melexis Wallace to core main design, development of automobile electronic system. Today, Michael to core products applied to almost all car brands worldwide) In the study this time axis camera ( The infrared camera) 。 The working principle of the infrared camera similar to radar, the change of the main detecting moving objects, and the image is not out of thin air. Wallace sensor to core marketing manager Vincent Hiligsmann said: 'this time axis camera using modulation infrared LED, including each pulse and the time point on the timeline one-to-one correspondence, by measuring the time between the light reflected from the beginning to illuminate that the required distance, again through the triangulation method can track the movement of the object to be tested. 'In such a technology research and achieved significantly larger achievement, another car technology has been applied to vehicle touch screen control. Most of the car in touch for a long time without operation will automatically enter a dormant state, and if you want to wake up the screen then you need to touch screen, now you do not need to direct contact, only need to place the hands or fingers near the touch screen, it can awaken the touch screen. Among them, the Cadillac launched a user experience system and equipped with touch screen is 2014 d cole support such near wake touch screen technology. In addition, each big auto parts companies are near the research and development to improve wake up wake up the distance limit of touch screen technology. Among them '(plath 柏树) Semiconductor companies to develop the CapSense touch sensor detection range can be up to a foot away, as a result, by adopting the CapSense touch screen driver can through gestures upward, downward and even pages control central display system, without distraction.
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