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The highway charge system commonly used industrial tablets

by:Toponetech     2020-08-22
During long holidays, in addition to the accident on the highway traffic congestion, and export in is toll station, this kind of phenomenon has become the norm, many drivers friends for granted. But this kind of problem is how to cause? Outside just two points: 1, highway charge system of the old, the peak can't overload operation, to charge for a long time; 2, highway toll system after optimization, the existing charge for computer equipment has not been upgraded, lead to equipment can't keep up with system needs; Highway toll system commonly used industrial tablets as a result, the rectification problem of highway toll is imminent, shenzhen crown teck electronic tablet as industry solutions provider, for highway toll old equipment developed a corresponding solution, can efficiently solve the problem of toll charges, ensure smooth toll station traffic environment. Highway charge system commonly used industrial tablets first of all, from the appearance point of view, this tablet installation is very simple, can be directly on the desktop. Exterior size thickness is smaller only: 244 * 184. 2 * 65 mm, the screen resolution of 1200 * 1920 px, with 10. 1 inch IPS touchscreen, can multi-touch support, convenient and quick operation. Built-in rich interface, especially as many as four USB interface, can support external mouse, keyboard, to touch not accustomed to staff can choose the mouse and keyboard input. TF card interface, can expand fast hard disk storage capacity, built-in rj45 front-end ports, support 100/1000 MBSP network transmission, the built-in wifi, bluetooth, data transmission is very convenient. Highway toll system commonly used industrial tablet on the system configuration of it again, this tablet with four threads Intel quad-core processors, memory capacity optional 4 g / 8 g, run smoothly. System, pre-loaded is genuine win10 or Android operating system, and can be compatible with high-speed charging management system, at the same time support the printer, can quickly print invoice, greatly reduce the charging time, ensure driving environment free of traffic.
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