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The glass curtain wall led electronic display is more powerful!

by:Toponetech     2021-04-19
The glass curtain wall touch display is a kind of creative led electronic display. Gu Yunyi is the touch display used on the glass curtain wall. It is specially designed for the lighting of the glass curtain wall. The function is more powerful than the traditional lighting. The buildings are mixed together, and the video, pictures, text and other content can be played at night like the traditional LED electronic display screen, and the super large area display, the effect is more shocking. The installation position of the glass curtain wall touch display determines the need for thinner and lighter products. In order not to add extra burden to the building, the display itself and the bracket need to be lighter. In order not to affect the lighting and beauty of the building, the light transmittance of the glass curtain wall led display must reach 80% and above. In addition, in order to resist the intrusion of strong winds and thunderstorms, LED electronic displays must not only have a strong structure, but also be corrosion-proof and moisture-proof.
   The cleaning preparation of the glass curtain wall led electronic display requires two points to be noted:    1. Before cleaning, you need to unplug the power cord.   Second, the choice of cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid generally includes electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, antistatic fluid, etc., to choose good quality, in order to effectively clean the dust and other stains on the LED screen.  Cleaning and maintenance is divided into three steps:   The first step: vacuuming. First suck and sweep away the dirt and dust on the surface of the display mask.   The second step: wet washing. Note that you can't spray the lotion directly on the screen, but spray a little cleaning liquid on the cleaning cloth, and then gently wipe in the same direction. You can also use the soft brush on the vacuum cleaner to scrub the lamp mask to clean the dirt. The third step: drying. Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the water marks left after wet washing to ensure that the display mask is clean and dust-free.
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