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The future of touch screen

by:Toponetech     2021-10-17
It is true that today’s touch screen systems have been very developed, and the emergence of multi-touch capacitive screens has replaced the old single-point touch, but technology has always been developing and has never stopped, and touch screens have brought convenience to people. It also brings wealth to the enterprise, and the future touch screen will have more selectivity and speed. Next, the editor will briefly introduce several areas of future touch screen development. 1 Hybrid touch technology At present, there are many technologies in this aspect of touch, but not all technologies are the same. Each technology has certain drawbacks, which also hinders our choice of touch screens. In recent years, someone has begun to put forward the concept of hybrid touch technology, and hybrid touch technology is the use of two or more touch recognition technologies on a touch surface, so that the quality of these multiple touch technologies The inspection achieves the purpose of complementing each other. This hybrid touch technology has been developed to provide capacitive and resistive hybrid touch screens, which can support simultaneous stylus and finger bidirectional operation and multi-touch. This touch technology has significantly improved the touch screen Recognition efficiency. NO.2 Tactile feedback technology This new type of tactile feedback technology may make people feel more sci-fi, but the tactile feedback technology does continue to bring people convenient operation methods and good visual effects, but the lake is greener for touch operations. The user's tactile feedback. This tactile feedback technology is introduced by an Immersion company in the United States. The technical principle is to use a mechanical motor to generate a target to simulate real tactile effects such as jumping, physical falling, and damping motion. This technology is also currently used more technology. . No matter what better and more convenient technology is available in the future, we should all believe in one sentence: human beings are developing, and science never ends. The screens produced by Rongguan Technology have a wide range of applications, with strong selectivity, and fully-fitting screens for customers, giving users a better touch experience.
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