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The future of the touch screen control will cover what fields?

by:Toponetech     2020-06-12
Humans in the early 1970 s, began to explore with a touch screen for human-computer interaction, appeared in some industrial and commercial equipment, such as POS terminals, elevator buttons, etc. After the resistive screen import to mobile phones, nokia part to replace the mechanical keyboard. Until the iphone's launch in 2007, opened up a touch technology a new model of mobile terminal interpersonal interactions, become a touch a milestone in the development of industry, apple will capacitive touch technology into the mainstream, people are still widely used today. Along with the mobile Internet, cloud computing, such as the rapid development of technology, people demand for touch screen technology and requirements are also increasing, touch screen the development of science and technology has never ceased. According to market research, expects 2018 global touch with fear and trepidation charge will rise to $31. 9 billion. Among them, the capacitive touch screen occupying the whole of the touch-screen market share first, huge market capacity. There is no doubt that touch screen has become the market hot spots. In application, at present still is given priority to with smartphones. But as the 2014 smartphone market growth momentum is slowing, into a period of steady development. In addition touch screen mobile phone applications, such as automotive electronics, retail, health care, public facilities, entertainment and other fields, will drive the touch-screen market of high-speed growth. In addition to the application in the field of large, in the field of segmentation, customized touch screen is significant innovation. For example, the 2017 China innovation entrepreneurship competition of electronic and information industry, new material technology co. , LTD. Xiamen declension in the field of 'pen tablet', for the innovation of the touch screen. Application of products has been extended to with the function of pen tablet, e-books, all-in-one, electronic whiteboard, etc. In one hand and hand and pen can be used at the same time, the touch pen can also be written at the same time. Back to the touch screen of the product itself, the future development direction is toward the light, flexible, design character and environment friendly requirements, will influence a new generation of display industry. Manufacturing material also constantly updated iterations. The traditional material of capacitive touch screen is ITO, now replaced material mainly, metal mesh, nano silver, carbon nanotubes, conducting polymers, such as graphene. Have more supporters and nano silver metal grid, these two kinds of materials are metals, Silver or copper) , its electrical conductivity is better than ITO. Future display tool will appear in front of us, in more diverse form and human-computer interaction can be everywhere. As we are into the era of artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware have awareness, namely, vision, hearing, touch is necessary premise. Now speech recognition, image recognition has made great breakthroughs, general touch recognition field a lot of people do, but there's no bigger breakthrough. We developed a revolutionary, more general, and smart touch recognition technology is a low cost. In automobile, robot is treated as a mobile terminal and social development under the major premise, let the touch screen with intelligent properties, can be executed automatically identify, locate, perhaps the next consumer phenomenon. This, Beijing titanium technology team did it. New technology always appeared with immature attitude, but perhaps it's that in the future, full of science fiction scene, the new technology is helping us speed up close, better intellisense experience, new technology is helping us build.
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