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The future is within reach, 21.5 inch PCAP multi-touch screen brings a new user experience

The future is within reach, 21.5 inch PCAP multi-touch screen brings a new user experience


Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch screens are touch monitors equipped with a network of electrodes (Metal Mesh, Silver Nanowire, ITO) that project an electromagnetic field that also passes through protective glass.

Recently, Top One Tech, one of the best PCAP touch screen manufacturers focus on R&D and provides high-tech product solutions, Launched a 21.5-inch Open Frame PCAP multi-touch screen-TOT215UCA001.

The PCAP touch screen is based on quality, has a long-lasting product cycle because the enclosure is controlled by Top One Tech’s specifications, future LED panel improvements are therefore possible without external changes while satisfying its practicality, its high-end and exquisite appearance endows it with visual value.

How does this new PCAP display stand out in this fierce display market competition and get praise from customers? Let's take a closer look at it in detail and search for its high-tech elements.

 Highlight 1: many touches, long-lasting use cycle

 The number of touches has often become one of the criteria for users to judge the quality of the display, and this new touch display has been technically updated. First, the enclosure is controlled by Top One Tech’s strict specifications, which perfectly integrates Top One Tech's PCAP technology touch screen integration, therefore allows the open frame LCD touch display to have a long-lasting product cycle and makes the number of touches reach 50 million times. Once used, it does not need to be replaced multiple times.

Highlight 2: Fast response time and higher experience efficiency

A new generation of high-quality LCD PCAP touch panels with high brightness, high contrast ratio, and wide viewing angles allow the touch screen to respond at a speed of 5ms, which is faster than similar products on the market and has higher user experience efficiency. The sealing standard of the bezel is zero-bezel, which realizes flat operation, and is in line with user experience habits.

Highlight 3: Breakthrough in appearance innovation, stronger visual experience.

Compact and slim profile, easy to integrate from the side, top and bottom, Top One Tech's PCAP touch technology provides the highest image quality on pure glass, and the integrated plastic frame is seamlessly assembled with the touch screen. The edge of the sunken design is more suitable for the needs of various embedded installations, and it is very convenient for assembly and maintenance.

Highlight 4: Diverse application scenarios and more installation options

The product supports dual VGA/DVI/HDMI input video formats, making this display suitable for self-service equipment, gaming industry and other industrial automation environments, such as banks, ATM machines, etc., and can display information by connecting other smart and multimedia terminal devices to meet the application needs of various types of users in multiple fields. In addition, it has a variety of installation options, including VESA installation, horizontal or vertical bracket installation, the operation process is easy to understand and not complicated.

Highlight 5: Approved by global institutions, quality index safety certification.

The products have passed the CE and FCC certification, comply with the standard requirements and are suitable for introduction in various formal places.

The above is an introduction to the highlights of this touch monitor. Whether your heartbeat index has soared, let’s take a look at its actual parameters and have a detailed understanding of it.


 It can be accessed by tethering the switch on the OSD control box.

Control: menu, up, down, selection;

Settings: brightness, contrast, clock, phase, H position, V position, automatic adjustment, aspect ratio, sharpness, color temperature, OSD timeout, OSD language, OSD H position, OSD; V position, call default value, video source;

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese;

Blocked: OSD, power

High-tech leads the future, Top One Tech's open frame touch monitor is worthy of your possession.


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