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The future applications of small-pitch LED displays will be more and more surpassed

by:Toponetech     2021-05-02
With the advancement of small-pitch touch display technology and the continuous decline in product prices, small-pitch LED displays are gradually entering the fiercely competitive indoor application market. The following are some views of the editor on the development trend of small-pitch LED displays. The future applications of small-pitch LED displays will get better and better. 1. The technical gold content of small-pitch products is high: small-pitch, as the name implies, is the smaller pitch. From the principle of LED self-luminous display, the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the density of the image display unit, and the displayed The image is clearer, which is why it can overcome the advantages of the traditional display, which is the iterative upgrade of the product. Product upgrades must be the result of technological upgrades. Without technological progress, product upgrades will be impossible to talk about. If the original full-color LED display of one square meter can only hold 1,000 lamp beads, the current small spacing per square meter The number of lamp beads must increase exponentially, so as to ensure the density of the dot pitch. Not only that, but also consider many issues such as heat dissipation at high density, dead lights, seams, and brightness adjustment. This is a test of technology, but also The technical performance of the small-pitch products with high gold content. The current small-pitch products on the market have begun to enter the mass production stage. From the comparison of market sales data in 2017 and the first half of 2019, it can be seen that the LED full-color display market is increasingly tending to products with smaller dot pitch. 2. The price of small-pitch products is moderate to stimulate market demand: As a new high-tech product, the market for small-pitch LED displays is extremely competitive. However, under fierce market competition, price is often a factor that best reflects the degree of competition. In the context of technological progress and market expansion, costs will continue to decline, and product prices will also decline. This is an inevitable trend. It is also a stage that all new things must go through. The price of small-pitch touch display screens optoelectronics believes that reducing costs is a never-changing rule of the game in the industry, but the cost is not all. The price reduction of full-color LED displays has been continuous, but in the process of price reduction, there must be Technical support, but also the ability to reduce prices and the overall cost-effectiveness and brand value support. And the price reduction in the course of competition is not a simple price reduction behavior. In fact, the price reduction is behind the competition of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. If you do not have the strength, you will not dare to rush the price with others. 3. The application of small spacing will become more and more humane in the future: If according to the current development momentum, the future development of small spacing will not be limited to display screens. It may take the express train of the Internet and the Internet of Things and become the carrier of the Internet. Since small-pitch products have the advantage of seamless splicing, and the size of the product is no longer restricted, the greater the possibility of interaction between people and the screen, once this interaction is achieved, and when the interaction becomes more and more frequent As the distance between people gets closer, new ways of communication may be born. Therefore, the application of small spacing will become more and more humane in the future.
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