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The embodiment of the industrial tablets in information acquisition

by:Toponetech     2020-11-03
Industrial tablets in information collection and the embodiment of the high speed development of information age nowadays, whether corporate or government affairs management institutions, on the job will be used to record and register customer information and customer source properties, etc. Before everyone will use paper information registration, if the acquisition of information can lead to confusion or lost, also to inconvenience later statistics. Below the crown teck we discuss and you together, industrial tablet how to efficient implement. 1. There are quite a part of the enterprise has imported the traditional tracking management system, can through the system data manually or import information tracking results, and statistical analysis, but at present most of the tracking system has failed to solve the problem of personnel data collection well. 2. After the paper document record, also need to import or entry in the data entry interface, increased workload, and inevitably produce errors, serious waste of precious time and data accuracy, check if there are any unqualified project needs to preserve evidence, need additional photograph with a camera, and to manually record good photos and unqualified project corresponding relation, at the time of entry, in turn, upload photos, quite cumbersome operation, affect the progress. 3. Traditional tracking system to the lack of data acquisition terminal and the data collection process, the paper records file remains essential. In v. show problems, as long as the industrial android tablet computer terminal involved in all sorts of problems can be solved, bid farewell to the traditional paper-based era, towards intelligent automation technology era.
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