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The embodiment of the hd vehicle identification android all-in-one

by:Toponetech     2020-07-07
Hd vehicle identification of android machine used in high speed development of cities, the car has been widely walked into our life, bring a lot of convenience to our travel, but also brought pressure to our travel the roads. With the progress of science and technology, hd vehicle identification android all-in-one application, also gradually put into use in the parking lot of the field, and solved some parking difficult, the problem of long lines. Below crown teck we simply introduce with you: the emergence of license plate recognition system, avoids the production of this phenomenon, the license plate recognition based on the android machine into the appearance of the images to capture and implement way gate opened and the release of the vehicle, we know that the license plate number as the only identification information of the vehicle, through we can know the information of the vehicle license plate number, can not only identify the vehicle's license plate number and license plate recognition machine information, also can to capture of vehicle models, such as body, save the vehicle into play, effectively ensuring the safety of the owners of the parking for the parking lot at the same time, the owner of the vehicle parking information can pass into the appearance of capture records for the query, avoid false positives car information. For some parameters have been relatively complicated configuration, it is largely in order to be able to accurately adjust camera imaging, fill light, algorithm of each link to ensure that achieve the best effect. As a kind of typical pattern recognition algorithm, license plate recognition android all-in-one always expect to have higher image resolution. Can see from these a few years of development, with the enhancing resolution covered with a single camera gradually increased the number of lanes, the current mainstream license plate recognition camera can separate cover three lanes. Hd vehicle identification android all-in-one, small size, low power consumption, strong ability strong budget performance, the interface is rich, have a variety of image and sound output capacity. In outdoor has good dustproof, waterproof, seismic and interference ability. Effective implementation of intelligent management, hanging arm type installation, fully improve the overall appearance, saved the space field, thus greatly improve the efficiency of the discrepancy.
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