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The embodiment of the android all-in-one self-service terminals in the bank

by:Toponetech     2020-08-08
With the progress and development of the society, provide value-added services and value-added services industry. Many banking self-service terminals can be connected with the third party system, complete functions, such as pay utilities, telecom, which has greatly helped the needs of the masses, bank self-help terminal extension of the bank service time effectively, Banks are usually have a fixed work time, work at bank branches, android all-in-one kiosks can effectively extend the business hours, to provide effective financial services customer service. Self-service terminal equipment is increasing, the number of self-service terminal equipment service market is expanding, the future will become a service industry. Only by following the path of specialization service all IT service provider, service standardization, the fundamental guarantee of the service efficiency and service quality, only specification of the service process, quality control and service management to guarantee the efficiency and quality of service. Self-service terminal equipment service's ultimate purpose is to achieve a win-win situation, service providers and Banks either single win can cooperate for a long time. Achieve the ultimate goal, therefore, service providers and Banks will be large-scale development, with the size of the service, service is, the power of the development of Banks and to develop personal financial business. Banking self-help android all-in-one small volume, low power consumption, strong ability strong budget performance, the interface is rich, have a variety of image and sound output capacity. Have good dustproof, heat dissipation, seismic and interference ability. Effectively implement self-service access, embedded installation, fully improve the overall appearance, work saved the space field, thus greatly improving the Banks efficiency. To share with you on this today, want to learn more, please pay attention to crown teck website 12 inch industrial tablets, tamper-proof/low power/fever/stable performance
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