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The disadvantage of capacitive touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-06-05
Before we say so so so many advantages of capacitive touch screen, today we are going to give you over to the disadvantage of touch screen, friends bench ready? Below we give you the shortcomings of the capacitive touch screen. First of all, we all know that the capacitive touch screen is to use the working current of induction of human body. Capacitive touch screen is a four layer composite glass screen, the inner surface of the glass and laminated coated with a layer of ITO, the outer layer is a thin layer of silica glass coating, laminated ITO coating as the working face, four corners raises four electrodes, inner ITO for shield to ensure good working environment. When the fingers on the metal layer, the electric field due to the human body, the user and the touch screen surface formed by a coupling capacitance, for high frequency current, capacitance is directly conductor, so the fingers from the point of contact suck a small current. The current points out from the touch screen on the four corners of the electrode, the four electrodes and the current is proportional to the finger to the four corners, the controller based on the four current ratio of precise calculation, it is concluded that the location of the touch point. Capacitive touch screen of light transmittance and clarity is better than that of 4 line resistance screen, of course also cannot and surface acoustic screen compared with five line resistance screen. Capacitance screen reflection is serious, and the capacitance technology of four layer composite touch screen for each wavelength of light transmittance is not uniform, has the problem of color distortion, due to the reflection light between the layers, also caused the image fuzzy characters. Capacitive touch on the principle of human body as a capacitor element one electrode is used, when there is a close to the conductor and the interlayer coupling between ITO face out enough capacity value of capacitance, escape the current is enough to cause misoperation of capacitive screen. We know that although capacitance is inversely proportional to the polar distance, but is proportional to the relative area, and also related to the insulation of the coefficient of medium. Therefore, when a large palm or carrying conductor came near the capacitance screen not touch can cause the misoperation of capacitance screen, in the humid weather, this situation is particularly serious, walking live display, palms to display within 7 cm or body to display within 15 cm can cause misoperation of capacitive screen. Capacitive touch another disadvantage of using a gloved hand or handheld non-conducting objects touch don't respond, this is due to the increased more insulating medium. Capacitive touch more is the main drawback of drift: when the environment temperature and humidity changes, environmental electric field changes, will cause the drift of capacitance screen, caused by inaccurate. For example: after startup monitor temperature rise will cause the drift: users touch the screen at the same time, another hand or body side close to the display will drift; Capacitive touch screen near large objects move after back to drift, you touch if someone came to see when can also cause drift; Capacitance screen drift reason belongs to the technical deficiency, environmental potential surface ( Including the user's body) Although with capacitive touch screen from far away, but is much bigger than finger area, they directly affect the determination of the touch location. In addition, many should theoretically linear relationship is actually nonlinear, such as: weight or fingers moist degree different people suck the total power flow is different, and the four of the change of total power flow and the relationship between the change in the flow distribution is nonlinear, capacitive touch screen using the four corners of the custom of polar coordinates is not coordinate origin, after drifting controller cannot detect and recovery, and 4, after the completion of A/D by four shunt amount of value to the touch point on the rectangular coordinate system X, Y coordinates of the complex calculation process. Since there is no origin, capacitive touch drift is cumulative, often also need calibration at the scene of the work. Capacitive touch screen outside the silica glass scratch resistant protection is very good, but afraid of fingernail or hard knock, knock out a small hole will hurt interlining ITO, whether hurt interlining ITO or install transportation slander and ITO layer on the inner surface, the capacitance screen can't work normally.
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