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The difference between resistance screen and capacitance screen

by:Toponetech     2020-05-30
Resistance touch screen commonly known as 'soft screen', and more for Windows Mobile system; Capacitive touch screen commonly known as 'hard' screen, such as the iPhone and G1 machine using this screen. A, indoor visual effects are often very well. 2 1, resistance touch screen, touch sensitive: need contact pressure screen layers, you can use the finger ( Even with gloves) , nails, stylus, etc. Support the stylus in the Asian market is very important, where is the hand gestures and character recognition are important. 2, capacitive touch screen: the fingers from the charged surface of subtle contact can also activate the bottom of the screen capacitance induction system. Inanimate objects, nails, gloves is invalid. Handwriting recognition more difficult. Three, precision, resistance touch screen 1: at least a single display pixel precision, when using a stylus. Convenience of handwriting recognition, helps in the use of small operating under control elements of the interface. 2, capacitive touch screen: theoretical precision can reach several pixels, but actually will be restricted by finger contact area. So that the user is difficult to precisely click the goal of less than 1 cm2. Four, the cost of 1, resistance touch screen: it's very cheap. 2, capacitive touch screen, different vendors of capacitance screen than resistive touch your 10% to 50%. This additional cost to the flagship product doesn't matter, but might be a mid-priced phone off. 5, 1, resistance touch screen multi-touch feasibility: impossible, unless the reorganization of the resistive screen connected to the circuit of the machine. 2, capacitive touch screen: depends on the realization and the software has been realized in G1 technology demonstration and the iPhone. 1 the G1. 7 t version has been achieved the browser's multi-touch features. Six, 1 damage resistance, resistance touch screen: the top of the fundamental characteristics of resistive screen determines its is soft, need to be able to press down. This makes the screen is very easy to scratch. Resistive screen protective film and relatively more frequent calibration. Beneficial aspect is that the resistance of the plastic layer touchscreen devices generally are less vulnerable, more is not easy to break. 2, capacitive touch screen: the outer glass can be used. So that while not indestructible, and may fracture under severe impact, but the glass to deal with daily scratches and blemishes. Seven, 1, resistance touch screen clean: because you can use the stylus or nails, more is not easy to leave fingerprints, grease and bacteria on the screen. 2, capacitive touch screen: to use the finger to touch, but the outer glass clean more easily. Eight, environmental adaptability, resistance touch screen 1: concrete numerical value is not clear. But there is evidence that the use of resistive touch can in - the Nokia 5800 15 ° C to + 45 ° C temperature to work properly, the humidity is nothing. 2, capacitive touch screen: the typical operating temperature between 0 ° to 35 °, need at least 5% humidity ( And the limit of the working principle of the)
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