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The difference between LED/LED backlight display/OLED display

The difference between LED/LED backlight display/OLED display


The three displays of LED, OLED and LED backlight are confusing to many people. In fact, there are essential differences between LED displays and current LED backlight displays. So what is the difference and connection between LED, LED backlight and OLED? Top One Tech will introduce the basic concepts of these three technologies in this article.

What is LED display

LED display refers to a display that directly uses LEDs (light emitting diodes) as pixel light-emitting elements. The light-emitting diodes that form an array directly emit red, green, and blue light to form a color screen. However, due to the large diameter of the light-emitting diode itself, the distance between the pixels of the same color is also large (that is, the dot pitch we often say), so the LED display is usually only suitable for large-screen display.

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What is an LED Backlight Display

The LED backlight display is just the backlight source of the liquid crystal display, which is transitioned from the traditional CCFL cold light tube (similar to the fluorescent lamp) to the LED (light emitting diode). Let's review the basic principles of LCD monitors.

The imaging principle of liquid crystal can be simply understood as the deflection of the liquid crystal molecules by external application of voltage, which blocks the transparency of the light emitted by the backlight like a gate, and then projects the light on the color filters of different colors to form an image.

The transition of the backlight module from CCFL to LED can bring many benefits, which can make the brightness of the display screen more uniform, the power consumption of the product is lower, and the appearance can be thinner and more stylish.

What is OLED

Many friends easily confuse the next-generation display technology OLED with LED or LED backlight. In fact, OLED and LED backlight are completely different display technologies. OLED emits light by driving the organic film itself by current. The light emitted can be red, green, blue, white, etc., and can also achieve full-color effects. Therefore, OLED is a new light-emitting principle different from CRT, LED and liquid crystal technology.



In general, LED, LED backlight, and OLED are three completely different imaging technologies. The LED-backlit displays or LCD TVs commonly seen on the market today are not actually update for display technology, but only update for the original. It is also incorrect to confuse LED backlight with LED.

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