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The difference between capacitive touch screen and traditional touch screen

by:Toponetech     2021-10-29
Capacitive touch screens are widely used in touch display products, so what is the difference between capacitive touch screens and traditional touch screens? The touch screen manufacturer said that in fact, the implementation principle of the touch screen is roughly the same, and they all add a transparent touch panel to the ordinary LCD screen. The types of resistance and capacitance that we are talking about are divided according to their working principles. At present, the classification of touch screens mainly includes four types: resistive, capacitive, infrared, and surface acoustic wave. Capacitive touch screens have replaced resistive touch screens and become a trend. Touch screen manufacturers say that capacitive touch screens are very different from traditional resistive touch screens. The resistive touch screen can only judge one touch point at a time when it is working. If there are more than two touch points, the correct judgment cannot be made. Therefore, the resistive touch screen is only suitable for simple clicks, drags, etc. Action judgment. The multi-touch of the capacitive touch screen can decompose the user's touch into two tasks: collecting multi-point signals and judging the meaning of the signals to complete the judgment of complex actions. Use the stretching and transposition of two fingers to complete interesting operations such as zooming in and rotating on the screen, which was almost unimaginable before the appearance of capacitive touch screens. After Apple’s iPhone went on the market, it quickly created a wave of touch control. Not long after, Apple took advantage of the victory and launched the iPodtouch that also supports multi-touch (in fact, it is equivalent to a simplified version of the iPhone), which is also popular with users and media. Sought after.
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