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The development of touch screen, touch screen notebook why not fire up

by:Toponetech     2020-07-14
Since iPhone touch screen has gradually become the standard configuration of mobile phone products, and even the tablet core elements of the new equipment, you may have used to row to row to the operation of the every day. However, Microsoft is trying to reach through Windows 8, will touch screen traditional PC program, seems to have not been able to fulfill a wish. No matter how sell nuri, PC makers in one computer, touch screen notebook can really impress customers. You touch screen, then why it is difficult to obtain the user's approval? Foreign media Laptop Mag user survey were carried out, and gives five reasons, maybe PC makers can consult, design better touch screens. 1. More expensive while some laptop with touch screen, but also has a lot of models as additional configuration, this means that the user needs to pay more cost. Lenovo ThinkPad T450s, dell XPS 13 models, for example, they will touch screen as a highly match option, usually 30% higher than the basic price. 2. Have an impact on battery life touch screen more power consumption, this is without controversy. Relevant test shows, with a laptop, touch screen and the touch screen version ( The same resolution) The battery life of up to 37%, means you lose a few hours of use. Obviously, notebook as a mobile office tools for many users, the battery life is more valuable. 3. The influence of the thickness and weight of the fuselage if you choose a touch screen laptop, may mean that its fuselage more massiness, affect the portability. 4. Touch experience poorer imagine using a touch screen laptop and tablet computer, mobile phone what's the difference? Yes, you need to raise hand, across the keyboard to touch screen, and mobile phone and tablet is no this kind of problem. Some tablet/notebook hybrid products may, of course, is relatively good, but the Windows product usually is not very good for both office and entertainment experience. 5. The perspective of poor touch screen notebook screen outer usually USES glass panel, in order to achieve better touch. But at the same time, may lead to reflective, narrow Angle of side effects, such as impact viewing experience. Summarize clearly, for most users, to provide the so-called 'one-piece' experience of touch screen computer is not a good choice. At least in the case of the technology is limited, the use of proprietary equipment can realize the use of more direct experience, and a touch screen laptop this universal product, have some chicken ribs. Of course, we also hope to PC makers to find out in the form of a more, let touch screen computers become practical.
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