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The development of the touch screen, touch screen version of office

by:Toponetech     2020-07-15
There is no doubt that touch is how people used at the present stage of human-computer interaction. Its natural,,,. Although the speech recognition technology and somatosensory interaction becoming mature as time goes on, but it was hard to in a short period of time we can see what kind of interaction like touch, universal and stable. Today's society, basically be hand a tablet; Both office and entertainment, can solve with the tablet, it greatly facilitates the use of the user. Take the tablet office, the office must use office software, now on the market of common office software of Microsoft office. When it is well known in the tablet first 'birth', the office is not support across equipment experience, can only be run on Windows operating system. With the high-speed development of touch screen, however, the popularity of tablets, people the convenience of office, urgent need a can work hanging devices use 'office'. Microsoft must introduce the Office current businesses and consumers are using the tablet PC, otherwise the customer will find alternative products, and could no longer use Office. But this kind of situation will not appear in Windows 8 tablet users, the reason is that they will be able to use Office in Windows 8 desktop mode, but it's not particularly outstanding touchscreen experience, still need to cooperate to use the mouse and keyboard. The development of the touch screen, the future of the world's a touch of the world, is a remote control of the world. The development of touch screen has a broad space, and the development of the touch screen also lead to the development of other aspects. The development of the touch screen will bring people more convenient.
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