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The development of the capacitive touch screen, popularization rate continuously expanding

by:Toponetech     2020-06-01
Widely distributed on all around us, only a finger touch can be a variety of touch screen operation. Which is worthy of our deep understanding, along with the popularity of smartphones and the growing of the capacitive touch screen. The main material of touch screen, is the transparent conductive film, also known as 'transparent conducting film', is widely used by ITO ( Indium Tin Oxide, Indium Tin Oxide) Thin film made of crystal. At the top of the ITO film is covered with a layer of thin insulating layer made of glass, plastic, etc. ITO film is separated into side length is about 4 mm square. Arranged in the same line, Or the same column) The square of ITO film, columns (which is formed by wire unicom, The X axis) Connection ( Illustrations for the pink) And row ( Y) Connection ( Inset in blue) 。 Connection string columns called electrodes, wires from each electrode through the outside part of the screen, together in one place. Fingers touch place, to a large number of 'storage' charge only a finger touch can be a variety of touch screen operation, is closely connected with our life now. Touch screen can be several different ways to identify the location of the finger touch. Now, 70% of the touch screen on the market are 'capacitor'. In simple terms, a capacitor is an object's ability to store charge. Smartphone and tablet touch screen is often a very weak electric current passes through. We use the finger touch screen, touch the place to be in the electrode capacitance change, the flow of electricity will also change. By measuring the change, can determine the position of the finger touch. Detect touch each electrode intersection with the operations such as smart phones, tablet, sometimes want to use multiple fingers ( Multi-touch, such as scaling, etc. ) of the page 。 At this point, by detecting electrode capacitance is unable to correctly locate multiple fingers, this needs for possible electrode intersection for further detailed analysis. Maybe someone will think, whether touch is a still more, as long as one by one analysis of electrode intersection, and directly determine the touch location, not to go? However, compared with the total number of screen electrode, far more screen electrode intersection of the total, one by one analysis all the intersection, the time will be spent is more than just detection electrode several times to hundreds. Therefore, capacitive touch screen using the two kinds of detection means: if the judgment is simply touching, determination of each electrode capacitance at first; If the judgment for multi-touch, would point for further detailed analysis of the electrode. Using fingers press the 'concave' to control the resistive touch screen using finger press 'concave' to control besides capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screens use more and resistive touch screens. Resistive ( Called the 'resistance film') Touch screen is the minimal interval of two layers of transparent conductive film overlap configuration together and made use of fingers ( Or stylus, etc. ) Press the screen to determine its location and position when the sag. Because the finger pressure, sunken upper membrane and the lower film contact, can detect the position of the finger. Two layers of film and capacitance is the same, also with voltage, also has an electric current passes through. Two layers of film contact, the membrane between the membrane and will through the current, voltage on the membranes of the values will change too. Due to voltage value changed, where the two layers membrane contact ( Namely the finger press) Is loud and clear. Up and down film of current in a different direction. For example, the top film in X axis direction with the voltage, the lower membrane, with the upper film X axis vertical with the voltage on the Y direction. Fingers on the touch screen, two layers of thin film contact, in turn, determine the voltage, the X axis and Y axis can determine its location and position. The resistance type are used to represent the product such as vehicle navigation, portable game consoles. The tactility of resistive and capacitive touch screen is different, the former does have the feeling of depression. In addition, careful observation, resistive touch screens may see lined with many small point on the screen. These points are called 'isolation', made up of resin, can maintain the intercellular space of film.
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