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The development of surface acoustic wave touch screen, may be a new choice for car touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-05-28
Before we talk about the technical principle of surface acoustic wave screens and practicability, today we are going to talk about the future surface acoustic wave touch screen in the application and development of car touch. Since 1971 electronic touch screen, touch area has experienced rapid development, a variety of touch technology constantly emerging, including resistance, infrared and optical image, projected capacitive, and surface acoustic wave and so on. Around the world continues to touch boom will also bring more new touch technology. So how to choose the right touch technology is the application of manufacturers are facing huge challenges, car touch application field. Car touch screen application engineers can be found by using method applicable in the field of touch technology. Although resistance touch screen has long been applied in GPS, but has been plagued by short working life and light through sex differences, affect the display quality and easy to produce the disadvantages such as touch drift. Infrared touch technology and optical image after long time of development, is still in the big size touch market lead. But cars traveling outdoors, inevitably the sun can make almost rely on infrared stop working principle of infrared and optical touch screen failure, in addition they structure inherent in the wide border, also bring huge challenges vehicle integrated assembly. Projected capacitive touch technology has been in the consumer markets such as smart phones and tablets was a great success, but when applied to vehicle touch, is also facing many challenges. First of all, for capacitive touch screen work rely on the electrical theory, in complex electromagnetic environment of vehicle applications, could not resist interference from other electronic components electromagnetic noise inside the car. Although through the shielding measures or design improvements to a certain extent, can improve the signal-to-noise ratio, but the problem can not be solved by 100%, but also leads to a sharp rise in costs. In addition, the capacitance screen by multilayer transparent conductive ( ITO) Membrane composition, in the extreme high and low temperature impact, may cause structural hierarchy or conductive material properties change, lead to handle failure. The solution of the problem must rely on long-term innovation of technology and material. Surface acoustic wave as the few military endorsed and has been successfully applied in one of the vehicles project touch technology, has long been widely used in ATM machines, machines and other outdoor or public self-service equipment, robustness and performance are powerful proof. Its working principle is based on the shallow surface of a glass transmission frequency of certain mechanical wave, this kind of mechanical wave is immune to basic can achieve complex electromagnetic environment inside the car, touch performance is not affected; Surface acoustic wave screens body only by pure glass, transducer, wire and control card few components, high reliability; In the case of not sabotage, surface acoustic wave touch screen can steadily work more than ten years, with the life of the car. In addition, surface acoustic wave has a natural touch of support surface and the rectangular shaped structure properties, helps to auto makers for innovation design of car touch screen application. Although the surface acoustic wave touch screen in the application of passenger car case also is less, but in the touch technology under the joint efforts of manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers, surface acoustic wave touch screen in the future will become one of the main technology in the field of car touch application.
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