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The development of science and technology: folding flexible intelligent touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-08-26
TechWeb reported the flexible screen is no longer a fresh word, the samsung and LG are introduced is equipped with flexible LED panel of mobile phone, including S6 and S7 Edge Edge has a good market performance. But whatever the flexible screen at present stage is a stage, the screen can be bent but the range is too small or is in place. Now samsung finally ready for the stage of the product. The folding screen mobile phone, code-named Project Valley was exposed, this product is using the flexible LED panel, but the user can bend, fold is a common tablet phone, it's just a little thick, can be used as a tablet after open. According to samsung partners, this product has completed the development, after the completion of a consultation will be testing, because is not main products, plus there are all sorts of problems may occur, so the launch time will have to wait until next year. We have learned, it will only have 5 inch after folding, launch will be the 7 inch tablet, a product of two kinds of usage, is very interesting. But now also don't know how the price of it, also don't know how the flexible screen patience, after all, now the screen is very easy to damage.
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