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The development of science and technology: diversification of touch screen structure, let you more choice

by:Toponetech     2020-05-30
As people the pursuit of high quality of life, more and more new technology attention and gradually into the life of people, touch screen technology in recent years has been the one of the people's favor. Because of the touch screen operation is simple and easy to make, can better realize the man-machine interactive experience easily, durable and practical characteristics under various fields widely used. Now existing capacitive touch screen technology has been on the market at least four kinds, one is structure, G + G + GLASSSensor touch screen glass, toughened glass surface is G + P structure, surface of toughened glass + PET material of touch screen, the third G + F structure, surface of toughened glass + FILM FILM touch screen, the fourth G + + F F orange, toughened glass, FILM and FILM surface touch screen. The capacitive touch screen how to distinguish between four, each used in the industry. Various technologies have their respective advantages. That should be noticed in that we choose the time of touch screen? Structure, G + G + GLASS GLASS tempered GLASS, hard and grinding, corrosion resistant high light transmittance, manipulation of the feel is smooth, reliable performance is strong, suitable for outdoor industrial, automotive, medical, smart home products such as G + P structure, toughened GLASS + PET material, low cost, simple process, PET plastic cover huge difference in the expansion coefficient of heat bilges cold shrink, at high temperature or low temperature, unfavorable choose, on the work product is mainly used for a short time. G + F structure, toughened glass + FILM FILM FILM compaction meter is toughened glass + a layer of FILM, with FILM can make product small beautiful is mainly used in mobile phones and ultra-thin products. G + + F F structure, toughened glass + two layers of thin FILM FILM, use FILM can make product small beautiful, mainly used for high-end phones and high-end ultra-thin process.
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