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The development of large size capacitive touch screen bottlenecks

by:Toponetech     2020-06-30
Capacitance screen can do it very smooth surface. No raised edges, this is very important for a large application, additional capacitive touch less interference, with dust, in the outdoor light trap or there are some oil stains on the infrared screen interference, the basic not interfere with the capacitance screen, so the capacitance screen was accepted by the market. Capacitance screen development is a trend, but it is not yet completely replace infrared screen products the main reason is that infrared screen industry chain is very mature. How to promote the development of capacitive touch? At present, the capacitance screen in the main obstacle to face large size is transparent conductive film, there is no good transparent conductive film, cause the whole industry chain is very immature. The large capacitance screen market has just started, the market acceptance of capacitive screen is very limited, so the limited size of the market at present. But there was a trend at present, we soon found a new transparent conductive film can replace the original ITO conductive film, to form a better electric conductivity, pervious to light performance and so on, make it possible to efficient production. As time goes on, there will be more people into the capacitive touch screen in the market, to further the size of the market. New type of transparent conductive film. The parameters of the laminated without net silver nanoparticles MDSN conductive film, the thickness of the base material is 50 - 180, ultraviolet radiation, high temperature test stability were tested. The cost. There are only two mature products, high-end metal grid of the low end of the metal grid, we think we need a new type of mainstream products throughout the low-end to high-end.
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