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The development of domestic led display industry has entered 'no man's land'

by:Toponetech     2021-04-13
Abstract: As we all know, my country’s LED display industry has a low entry threshold. It is well known that my country’s LED display industry has a low entry threshold. This provides opportunities for Chinese companies with short development time and weak technical foundation to make breakthroughs and surpasses in the industry. It is also doomed that the touch display industry is prone to a fierce battle of homogeneity, and the saturation of the entire market demand is high. In the rapid development of the industry in the past, in addition to taking advantage of China's unique industrial chain improvement and low manufacturing cost, it is more important that the industry’s technical threshold is low. Popular LED display products are easy to imitate and copy, and even Micro-innovation on the basis of imitation is not complicated, and it is even easier to grab market share through localized innovation and localized marketing and price reductions. However, with the development and growth of the domestic LED electronic display industry, no matter in the market or technology, other foreign-funded enterprises have no reference significance. Domestic display enterprises can only use their own strength to ask for the future from technological innovation, and even fall into the development. No man's land, no reference or reference.
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