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The demand of industrial touch all-in-one computer for various industries

The demand of industrial touch all-in-one computer for various industries


When it comes to industrial touch all-in-one computers, everyone must think that it is a device used in industry. In fact, the continuous development of industrial control technology is not only used in industry, but also in many businesses. It has a great effect and brings a lot of convenience to our life and work. The following are several major application areas of the industrial touch all-in-one computer summarized by Top One Tech.

15.6 inch touch all-in-one computer

1. Medical industry

Medical care is the most sacred industry, and its medical requirements for equipment are the highest. With the detonation of "artificial intelligence" in the medical industry, for example, smart triage and queuing machines require high specifications and customization in parallel to meet the needs of medical equipment needs. Ordinary monitors can no longer meet the high-level requirements of medical care. Top One Tech's industrial touch all-in-one computer is perfectly embedded in the queuing caller, which supports customized functions, solves the chaotic and tired queuing problem, and creates a humanized service environment.


2. Industrial automation production

As an important prerequisite for Industry 4.0, industrial automation aims to improve production efficiency, improve quality, and reduce labor costs. The intelligent interface that combines the industrial touch integrated computer and equipment into one, replaces the operation display terminal with traditional control buttons and indicator lights.

15.6 inch Raspberry Pi touch computer

3. Intelligent express cabinet

In recent years, e-commerce has shown a trend of rapid development and rapid growth of express delivery business. However, the delivery problem has become a bottleneck restricting the development of express delivery, so smart express cabinets came into being. The intelligent express cabinet is based on embedded technology, which embeds a customized industrial touch integrated computer with RFID and camera into the express cabinet for data collection, and then processes the collected data to realize the operation of the entire terminal.

The above three major industries are closely related to our lives. The fields involved in the industrial touch all-in-one computer have spanned many industries. In the future, as the touch technology becomes more and more advanced, the industrial touch all-in-one computer is no longer synonymous with industry, and more commercial uses will be discovered.

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