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The creative display of the combination of LED special-shaped screen and conventional screen will lead the next industry trend

by:Toponetech     2021-06-22
Since the development of the LED display industry, product technology has matured. For now, the entire industry is developing in the two major directions of small-pitch LED displays and LED creative displays. As people’s personalized needs increase, the creative display market has gradually expanded. What can be seen in the creative display field of the LED display industry is that the current application range of LED special-shaped screens is also gradually expanding, in amusement parks, bars, stages, etc. Outdoor squares, science parks, aquariums, cultural centers and other venues are the main application areas of LED special-shaped screens, which greatly increase the usage of LED special-shaped screens and broaden the product application market. The entire LED special-shaped screen market has a huge capacity. As we all know, LED special-shaped screens are more shocking than conventional LED screens due to their unique appearance and display effects, and have a greater visual impact, so they have been loved by many merchants. However, because they are customized and personalized products, they pose certain challenges to the technical strength of the enterprise and cannot achieve mass production. Therefore, the cost is relatively high relative to their products. In this situation, LED special-shaped screens Manufacturers launched a regular screen + special-shaped screen mode to meet the user's demand for low-cost and creative display products. In the LED display industry, conventional LED display still occupies the main market, while LED special-shaped screens, small spacing and other products are more popular in the market, but their market sales are far from enough. Just imagine, if LED special-shaped screen manufacturers adopt the mode of combining conventional LED display modules and special-shaped screen modules, it will drive the sales of some conventional display products of special-shaped screen companies. Through the overall creative display solutions, it will be effective Integrate the product types of LED special-shaped screen enterprises and carry out package sales. It is foreseeable that LED special-shaped screen manufacturers adopt the mode of LED conventional screen modules combined with special-shaped screens for product promotion and marketing, which can promote the reduction of production capacity in the LED display industry and help the entire LED special-shaped screen enterprises to achieve mass production. All in all, the development of creative displays in the touch display industry is now more practical. The combination of conventional LED displays and special-shaped screens promotes LED special-shaped screens to reduce costs, creates more cost-effective LED special-shaped screen products, reduces prices, and promotes LED The popularization and market promotion of special-shaped screen products lead the trend and trend of the entire LED creative display screen. LED display price
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