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The creation of a smart meeting room is inseparable from a touch all-in-one computer

The creation of a smart meeting room is inseparable from a touch all-in-one computer


As intelligence has become the global mainstream, various industries are currently implementing intelligent applications and promotions. Automobile intelligence, industrial equipment intelligence, retail terminal intelligence, etc., are all using smart devices.

In addition to these, the most innovative transformation may be in the conference room. At work, meeting rooms, as an important place for large-scale enterprises and government agencies, are also gradually becoming intelligent. Smart meeting rooms have become one of the most popular applications at present.

The intelligent meeting room is an intelligent application system, which is realized by the effective combination with the intelligent hardware equipment. Compared with the traditional meeting room, in addition to meeting simple meeting requirements, the intelligent meeting room also adopts a large number of intelligent hardware facilities, such as a large-size display screen, a touch-sensitive computer, and some intelligent software. Simultaneous interpretation system and intelligent voting systems, conference TV system and meeting reservations and intelligent control system, not only enable other companies to reflect the characteristics of technology and intelligence, but also enable the standardization and systematization of meeting configurations. These improve the efficiency and image of corporate meetings.

When building a smart meeting room, the touch-sensitive all-in-one computer is an important display device and an important display of the intelligence of the meeting room. According to the characteristics of the meeting room’s more agenda and frequent use of operations, the touch-sensitive all-in-one computer has a better application advantage in the scenario.

Application advantages of touch all-in-one computer

In response to the needs of the smart conference market, while focusing on the field of industrial intelligent automation, Top One Tech is actively expanding other application scenarios. Based on the more excellent performance configuration of the touch all-in-one, It has more advantages in the scene.

1. 65-inch conference room large screen product advantages:

2. The equipment  uses an aluminum alloy frame, which has a high-quality texture and is not easy to scratch, and has stronger corrosion resistance, which is more compatible with modern conference rooms;

3. Ultra-narrow frame design, support for multi-touch, ultra-high-definition screen display, with a larger field of view, which can effectively alleviate the visual fatigue caused by long-term meetings;

4. The interface configuration is complete, in addition to meeting daily interface requirements, interface customization can also be made to meet the needs of connecting equipment outside the conference room;

5. The built-in motherboard is a branded product, with better quality, stronger stability, shorter response time, and a more process for application startup and page loading, which meets the requirements for the use of multi-screen displays in the conference room;

6. Support to provide personalized customization of OEM/ODM, including product size, appearance, touch mode, installation mode, module and other functions;

 A variety of installation options, including VESA installation, horizontal or vertical bracket installation, to meet the various installation requirements of the conference room, and compatible with the needs of a variety of system software;

With the touch all-in-one computer expands application scenarios, in addition to being used in large-scale corporate conference rooms, it can also be applied to conference reservation systems, shopping malls, hotels, schools and other scenarios. Top One Tech’s current touch all-in-one computers mainly have 32-inch, The 41-inch, 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch series products support customized production. If you have relevant product requirements, please check the Top One Tech official website for more information.

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