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The correct way to clean the teaching touch all-in-one machine

by:Toponetech     2021-10-30
In today's fast-paced development society, student education has always been one of the focus of our country, and teaching equipment is one of the main carriers of education. With the continuous development of technology, teaching equipment is constantly being updated, from the earliest used blackboard chalk to the multimedia classroom composed of projectors, electronic whiteboards and desktop computers. In today's touch era, a new high Technological electronic touch products have become the mainstream of modern multimedia teaching application equipment-teaching touch all-in-one machine. The emergence of the teaching touch all-in-one machine has changed the traditional education and teaching mode, and the multimedia teaching method has made the classroom more active and made learning more interesting. As an electronic touch product, if the teaching touch all-in-one is used for a long time, if it fails to perform normal cleaning and maintenance or performs an incorrect cleaning method, it will seriously affect the sensitivity of its use and even affect its service life. 1. Incorrect cleaning methods: 1. Wipe with paper towels, which can easily scratch the multimedia teaching touch all-in-one; 2. Spraying the screen with water can easily form a short circuit of the external equipment of the display, and water marks will remain on the screen. Difficult to clean up, affect the results of the multimedia touch all-in-one; 3. Clean with alcohol or other chemical solvents, the multimedia touch all-in-one will produce a special coating, which will affect the display effect of the screen. 2. The correct cleaning method: 1. Wipe gently with a soft cloth or high-grade glasses cloth to remove the dust on it. 2. For fingerprints and oil stains on the multimedia touch all-in-one machine, use the special cleaning agent for the multimedia touch all-in-one machine to clean it. You should also pay attention when using a cleaning agent, wipe from the middle of the screen to the outside, until the cleaning agent on the screen is wiped clean. In this process, never let water flow into the interface between the screen and the screen frame of the multimedia teaching all-in-one machine, so as to avoid short-circuiting and burning the display. Also, do not use a hard towel to clean the surface of the multimedia teaching machine screen, so as not to wipe the surface of the multimedia teaching machine screen and affect the display results. We can also call to consult the touch all-in-one manufacturer and ask them how to clean the teaching touch all-in-one. Keeping it clean regularly will help maintain the highest sensitivity of the touch screen and extend its service life to a certain extent. Among the many touch all-in-one manufacturers in the market, Rongguan Electronics is a big brand manufacturer, integrating Ru0026D, production, sales, after-sales and other touch all-in-one products. It has become a well-known brand in the industry, with a market share of up to 60. %above. For more information about touch all-in-ones, please consult Rongguan Electronics.
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