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The classification of the capacitive touch screen and distinction

by:Toponetech     2020-06-02
Capacitive touch screen has been in touch click on the type of operation and smooth handle, and capacitive touch screen is divided into: G + + F + F, G, G P + G, such as the diversity of choose whether to let us see spent eyes, several kinds of capacitance screen quality what is the difference? Don't worry, the following shenzhen crown of photoelectric technology we introduced one by one to you. 1. G + G is produced by surface toughened GLASS + GLASS GLASS material of the screen, it's structured sensor + toughened GLASS cover two parts, the main characteristic is to support the hard wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, high light transmittance, manipulation of the feel is smooth, high reliability. 2. G + + F is toughened glass on the surface of F + FILM FILM materials produced by touch screen, the main structure is toughened glass + FILM FILM material in two parts, the main feature is the price is favorable, the screen is thinner, suitable for low-end customer group. 3. P + G is toughened glass on the surface of touch screen + PC material, the main structure is the sensor + PET + PC material glass base plate, the main characteristics of low cost, simple operation. Through the above advantages, we can consider to their own budgets and specific to apply to any equipment aspects to consider what you need to screen of choose and buy, G + G capacitive touch screen is generally use more screen, and some mobile phone tablet on the market and industrial equipment are using G + G in capacitance screen, then G + G capacitive touch what's attractive advantages? Advantage one: hard wear-resisting G + G capacitive touch the surface of the cover plate is toughened glass, its surface is very hard, hardness can reach more than 8 h, as long as you don't have super hard objects, such as quartz, emery paper to grind, generally without sticker also don't have to worry about will produce scratch mark, its shortcomings is difficult to process, high cost; And G + P capacitance screen surface for PET plastic, usually only 2 ~ 3 h, hardness is quite soft, daily use is very easy to generate scratch, must be sticker and careful protection, the advantages of simple technology, low cost. From a consumer perspective, we must choose G + G structure of capacitive screen. Advantage 2: corrosion resistant G + P capacitance screen surface is plastic, the acid, alkali, oily substances and under the action of sunlight to harden and become fragile, color change, so must be careful to use, avoid contact with this kind of material, if use undeserved can produce aerosol and white spot, very hard to serve. And G + G capacitance screen of toughened glass surface is very resistant to corrosion, not afraid of similar material, acid alkali to also do not, you can rest assured the bold use anywhere, especially if you eat, when operating, hard to avoid finger grease on not, G + G capacitance screen corrosion very obvious advantages. Three advantages: high light transmittance capacitance screen is not only used to operate, more important is to watch the appreciate the content of the screen, G + G glass capacitance screen light transmittance as high as 91%, the impact is not big to screen a picture, and G + P PET cover plate light transmittance is only 83%, the light loss is serious, the picture is low, and as time goes on, PET cover transmittance will reduce gradually, it is also a G + P capacitive touch a fatal defect. Four advantages: manipulation of the feel is smooth G + G glass screen is very smooth, fingers delimit the past such as flowing, manipulation of the handle is very smooth; And G + P PET plastic is a kind of polymer material, the surface damping force is very big, feel the sliding crude, not smooth, very affect operating experience. Advantage five: high reliability G + G capacitance screen plate and sensor glass glue, USES the advanced optical glue stick merge into a vacuum, service life and bonding degree are very high; G + P use the PET with chemical glue joint capacitance screen, process is very simple, but the bonding reliability is not high. Another important point: G + P capacitive touch sensors with toughened glass, PET plastic cover heat bilges cold shrink of expansion coefficient difference is huge, at high temperature or low temperature, G + P capacitance screen may break easily because of the difference in expansion coefficient, thus scrapped! So the repair rate G + P capacitance screen is much better than the G + G capacitive screen.
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