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The choose and buy of industrial touch all-in-one considerations

by:Toponetech     2020-03-18
The choose and buy of industrial touch all-in-one considerations. A industrial tablet computer-integrated, host, the host configuration and common computer configuration is not too much difference, is fundamental to the mainboard, CPU, memory and hard disk of several major plates. Other industrial touch all-in-one PC configurations can be to choose according to your demand, as far as possible to buy directly from manufacturers, their hardware technology and personalization scheme has advantages, such as better operation. The merits of the two, LCD screen LCD screen directly affects the whole phenomenon of an industrial touch all-in-one effect and experience, so a good industrial touch all-in-one PC must be high specifications of the LCD screen at the core of the whole machine hardware. Three industrial touch all-in-one, function application integrates the function of TV, computer and display, and it is operated by touch instead of the mouse, keyboard, basically can achieve the function of the computer, industry can do touch machine, industrial touching all-in-one collocation of different types of software, can also realize more functions, used in scientific research and teaching, store display, meeting training, self-service terminal information query. Four, machine type selection of industrial touch all-in-one size has a lot of, from 8 to 23 inches, do not know how to choose the size when the choose and buy, tell me the how to choose here. In general, kiosks, due to the human-computer interaction, is mainly used to query, don't need too big size. Want to see what size you want, and what configuration need requirements, different sizes, different configuration, prices are distinct. Five, attaches great importance to the touch technology features: resistive touch screens is completely isolated from the outside world, its working environment are not afraid of dust, moisture and oil, can be control by the touch of any object, relatively suitable for poor working environment of industrial use. Defect is due to the outer layer of the composite membrane structure material for plastic, too hard or use sharps touch will scratch the touch screen. Features: capacitive touch screen is very high resolution, good light transmittance. It is a good way to meet various demands, at present, the common in public places is the touch screen. Deficiency is that the capacitive touch screen to the body's own ACTS as an electrode of capacitor, and once there is near the conductor and the coupling between interlayer face a certain amount of capacitance, the outflow of current will lead to wrong operation of capacitive touch screen; In addition, if wearing gloves or touch with insulation object, capacitive touch screen cannot respond, this is because the insulation medium can't make the capacitance screen produces current action. Infrared touch screen: is the use of measuring infrared judging on-off state of the touch location, is not affected by touch screen chooses baffle material. So, try to choose good pervious to light performance baffle, antireflection processing at the same time, will get a very good visual effect. However, because of the limitation of infrared transmitting tube volume, high density of ir beam is hard to realize, cause this kind of touch screen resolution is not high. In addition, due to the infrared touch screen by infrared induction response operation, the change of outside light, for example, the sun or indoor lighting, etc all can affect the sensitivity and accuracy.
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