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The cause of the capacitive touch screen hot

by:Toponetech     2020-10-29
Now in full swing in the all-in-one market PLC touch screen machine, today so hot why PLC touch screen machine? The crown of photoelectric technology we detailed introduce PLC touch screen machine for you. First PLC touch all-in-one is mainly composed of touch screen, so we first to introduce the current mainstream of four kinds of touch screen on the market. It is well known that the touch screen is an important part, according to their will differentiate and physical principle. Main categories: resistive, capacitive, infrared ray type, sound type. And these categories below is divided into many small type. Such as the capacitive touch screen is divided into: G + G, G + + F, F P + G, etc. The main characteristic of infrared touch screen is not affected by the environment, is not afraid of besmirch, waterproof and the characteristics of high durability. It is to rely on infrared light hair color infrared touch technology. As long as it is an object touch on it, is to light dimmed. As long as the inside lamp does not go bad, always can touch. Life at least 60 million clicks. The principle of the capacitive touch screen is made according to the principle of the strength of the current touch click. And capacitive touch screen touch sensitivity is caused by the current, current capacitance screen are more widely market, utilization rate is higher, is also the mainstream of a touch screen. Resistive screen with its low cost, response sensitivity good characteristics was deeply loved by many low-end customers. And whether the four-wire resistive or five line resistance type they have a completely isolated to the outside environment, suitable for all kinds of harsh environment. Acoustic technology is very stable, and surface acoustic wave touch screen controller by measure the position of the damping moment on the timeline to calculate the touch location, so its precision is very high. Surface acoustic wave touch screen also has a third axis ( The z axis) , that is, pressure shaft - By calculating the attenuation between the received signal attenuation can be user the power of touching the screen size, more can be divided into 25 level 6. The power, the greater the attenuation flaw in the received signal waveform is the width of the deep, of all the touch screen, only the performance of the pressure of surface acoustic wave touch screen with a sense of touch. Touch all-in-one if only from the internal hardware, 76% of the products on the market are below line. That can't entirely blame the manufacturer, but the core of the PLC touch screen machine parts determine the costs and selling prices. Because there is no like ( Touch electronic) The brand influence, natural dare not to touch the production of high quality products, otherwise the price will lower sales. If they don't be careful then, as low prices of the problem of small and medium-sized factory products. And they can be sold at very low price, mostly by eliminating outdated parts and refurbished parts. On the choice of touch screen machine, by today's high-definition video technology to upgrade the hardware and software requirements to rise a lot. If still outside of the model reference, actually has not adapted to the. The third generation is provided with this arises at the historic moment, of course, can be called the third generation product: not much. According to the use environment, configuration to consider the elements of these a few respects. Machines with accessories size, price change with manufacturer. Typical examples are touch, completely straight through the network to sell the price is relatively low. But founder and holding the one hundred inheritance mentality, so naturally high cost to the attention of the quality. In short too cheap there must be something. Crown teck technology co. , LTD. It can customize according to the different needs of customers to full screen.
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