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the best laptops of ces 2019: from thin bezels to dolby atmos, nvidia graphics and 4k oled displays

by:Toponetech     2020-04-21
The PC is not dead yet, just like I am not.
Personal computer (PCs)
Star TV of consumer electronics show for decades
Microsoft founder Bill Gates is doing the opening theme of the annual event --
Despite the drop in shipments again last year, but still achieved a brilliant recovery at CES 2019.
Global PC shipments have declined, according to Gartner.
3% and 1 in the quarter of last December.
3%, while IDC is estimated to have dropped by 3. 7% and 0.
4% respectively, mainly due to a shortage of Intel chips.
At the show, most PC manufacturers around the world are releasing their latest laptops --
Based on estimates from my company Atherton Research, this accounts for more than 60% of total global shipmentsIncluding Asus (
ROG mother ship and ZenBook S13), Acer (Swift 7), HP (Spectre x360), Huawei (MateBook 13), Lenovo (
Yoga C730 AMOLED), LG (Gram 17).
But before we dive into more details of these new laptops, see the lack of ARM-
\"Always Connect\" Windows laptop based on Qualcomm\'s new 7 driver
Nm Snapdragon 8cx PC processor-
The successor to the 850 chip released in last December
Promise to provide more
Battery life and similar performancepowered X86 (Intel and AMD)chips.
While all laptops covered in this report are powered by Intel\'s latest 8-generation Core Quad-core
Most processors are also equipped with Nvidia graphics chips and Dolby Atmos audio systems.
Hope we can hear more.
The Ultrabook at the Mobile World Congress next month (MWC)
On September, IFA will be held in Berlin, Germany.
Asus ZenBook S13: best screen in the world-to-
Our favorite laptop at CES is the Asus ZenBook S13, which has an amazing 97% screen --to-
Body proportions, the best we \'ve seen so far on laptops.
To achieve this feat, Taiwanese manufacturers have reduced the size of 13 side panels. 9-
Inch display drops to 2.
5mm when the HD camera highlights the top of the display, it also comes with a label for lifting the laptop cover.
A small change, when you look for almost invisible dents on the front edge of your laptop, it will definitely make a big difference in daily use.
ZenBook 13 features the latest 8-generation Intel Core Quad-core processor
The core processor is an optional Nvidia GeForce MX150 stand-alone graphics chip with a storage capacity of up to 1 tb, while the 50Wh battery is said to provide up to 15 hours of use (
We will verify something once we get the comment unit).
ZenBook also with MIL-
Durability military standard STD 810G-
Covers seven resilience factors such as impact, dust and extreme temperature
There are a lot of connections, including two USB-C, one USB-A, a 3. 5-
Mm headphone jack and MicroSD card reader.
Taiwan company that also produces tablets, smartphones and wireless networks
Fi routers, motherboards, and wearables do not give the exact date or price of the laptop that is expected in the coming months.
At the exhibition, Asus also launched a striking ROG (
Republic of gamers)
The appearance of the Microsoft Surface tablet and 17-
Power for Intel\'s top display and removable keyboard and gaming desktop computers-of-the-
Line Core i9 and RTX 2080, Nvidia\'s most powerful mobile graphics card.
This beast, which is expected to ship in April, has no price yet.
Acer yuyanjun: The world\'s thinnest ultraportableA processor choice makes the ultrabook that is the weakest in the fast army. Although it is the most expensive, starting at $1,700, 8gb of memory, 256 GB of storage space, two USB-
Add port C, fingerprint reader, dongle for two additional ports (USB-A and HDMI)
The Taiwanese company claims a 10-hour battery life.
Also, to reach the 92% screen-to-
Acer chose \"push-to-
Turn on the \"webcam that pops up from inside the laptop case, between the keyboard and the screen, making it unusable, as did earlier versions of Dell XPS 13 and last year\'s Huawei MateBook X Pro.
LG Gram 17: its large sizeLG has launched two new \"Gram\" laptops on CES 2019, including 14-inch LG Gram 2-in-
Dell XPS 13 and Lenovo Yoga competitors, as well as the surprising light LG gram 17 and 2.
95 pounds, 17-more than most others-
Inch monitor laptop on the market.
Despite its thin outline (0. 7 inches), the 17. 3-
Inch Display laptops are also powered by the latest 8-generation Intel Core Quad Core
Core processor for MIL-
STD 810G military standard for durability.
LG Gram 17 also has a lot of connections, including three USB-
One port, two USB-
C, HDMI, headphone jack and microSD card reader equipped with batteries allegedly provided up to 72 wh up to 19.
A charge runs for 5 hours at a time.
Huawei MateBook 13: best price-
The performance of Huawei MateBook 13 is less than $1,000, the best price to date --
Performance laptop 2019
The price of most of the cool notebooks released at CES this year is still to be announced.
MateBook 13 is essentially an update to the already excellent MateBook X that was launched in 2017, and it\'s still my favorite Windows laptop, lightweight, thin, with a screen of 88%to-
Despite the poor battery life, the body ratio and overall performance are good (3 to 4 hours)
For use cases that I am demanding (video, multi-
Dozens of Google Chrome tags. . . ).
This time, however, Huawei has added a $300 standalone graphics option including 25-
Watts Nvidia GeForce MX 150 chip (GPU)
The 512 GB of storage makes MateBook X one of the ultra-portable devices with the most powerful graphics, comparable to the latest Razer Blade Stealth 13 gaming laptop, at a slightly cheaper price at the same time.
Huawei has a beautifully designed laptop 13 that offers a more affordable and powerful alternative to Apple\'s latest MacBook Air, but we have to test if 41 is OK.
As the Chinese manufacturer claims, the 8Wh battery can actually play video for 10 hours.
OLED display is back again: HP Spectre x3 60 and Lenovo Yoga c730 it\'s been three years since I first saw a laptop with an OLED display, at that time, a few months after HP and Lenovo released Spectre, at CES 2016, Alienware (Dell)
It\'s a game notebook.
But since then, no new OLED laptops have been released.
Due to rising prices and limited supply of OLED panels, the announced products have quietly stopped production
Until this year, as HP and Lenovo,
History does have a way to repeat itself.
At CES, they released 2019 OLED versions of their existing laptops, 13 respectively. 3-
Inch ghost x3 60 and 15-
Supports 4k inch Yoga C730.
For the two machines that are scheduled to start shipping within the scheduled time, there is no price yet.
Razer, the game hardware maker, also showed its 15-
Inch Blade laptop with 4k OLED touch display.
But there is no news if it will ship.
Although Dell did not publicly display any OLED laptops at CES --
At a private briefing in Texas
US-based companies have confirmed that a 4k OLED display will appear on G15, XPS 15 and Alienware m15 laptops.
At the end of the day, you might want to know why OLED laptops make such a fuss.
Well, this is actually one of the most important technological leaps in the PC industry, supporting Dolby Atmos audio to a lesser extent.
The OLED display offers incredible contrast and color range, brighter, clearer, more vivid images, and unmatched response times compared to the LCD screen --
Usually more than 100 times faster.
So like TV and smartphone makers turning to OLED, it\'s time for laptop makers --
In the case of Asus, Huawei, LG and Samsung, they are already shipping other OLED products
Can also jump.
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