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The benefits of using touch all-in-one cinema

by:Toponetech     2020-05-31
Touch all-in-one PC, more and more popular to life school multimedia classroom, intelligent household appliances, self-help Courier service and so on. Often use touch all-in-one field in the movie theater, in order to all the propaganda film information reported to the user can also for all the film information to deepen understanding, can choose reliable touch all-in-one PC to help finish all kinds of the publicity of the film, in addition to effective propaganda role it is bearing the weight of the burden of all kinds of sales, the user by touching one function directly to buy movie tickets. Then the cinema what is mainly from the use of touch all-in-one PC? The cinema is the main purpose of using touch all-in-one? First of all, let users enjoy the trailers use touch all-in-one PC can let users understand the classic movie trailers, so that the user attention and attract the user's interest in movies, touch all-in-one PC is the use of high-definition LCD screen, so can show the effect of various trailers of performance is very excellent. Crown teck focus do touch all-in-one PC in the research, development, clear picture quality, touch products are widely used in automotive, industrial control, intelligent household, tablet, etc. Second, query the film and its price touching all-in-one can also provide users of all the information inquiry and the related ticket of the film, but also can realize online can easily complete the purchase, let users can touch all-in-one PC screen gently can make purchases, such not only alleviate the pressure of the cinema at the point of sale and let users can more easily to complete. Third, to promote the movie touch all-in-one PC for all the new projects can also advance publicity, so interested in film users can timely understand the specific film information through relevant propaganda. By touching all-in-one to demonstrate the benefits of which is able to be replaced in time or random change between different films. Users by touching all-in-one can directly to complete the online ticketing ticketing system, not only achieve good publicity for cinema still can promote sales, a lot of good.
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