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The benefits of exhibition hall adopts touch all-in-one

by:Toponetech     2020-06-27
Touch all-in-one application in museum exhibition hall, with 'depicting the company image, show the company strength, convey civilization' for the project positioning, in 'state of science and technology, continue to carry out' for the base value. Integrating software, hardware, service consulting and media design at an organic whole, can provide customers with one-stop Vatican control digital media base solution, help customers in a shorter period of time, at the right cost open digital media use. And choose the high-end multimedia interactive skills and intelligence technique, focused on company's strength and brand value, showing company development present situation and the prospect of close shot together; Reflect the glory of our company to carry out the process and wish to settle and civilization, and strive to create a highly visual impact, dynamic and static methods associated, inner personalized intelligent hall filled with brand. Exhibition hall method using touch screen machine and electronic signature machine report of alternatives to traditional methods, visitors will be able to use virtual pen, perhaps fingers, write directly on the touch screen name, and modify the content of the signature. Touch all-in-one electronic books, on the touch screen ebook mode, make the motion of hand waving, the man will be able to follow the hand waving and flipping. And it is the book, with a touch all-in-one PC screen display the image of the book. To show video, images, sound, etc. , greatly rich reading fun. Digital exhibition hall, widely used in senior housing demonstration, planning exhibition hall, shops, big business to wait. In the future, the method of digital touch all-in-one will become more and more important part in daily life, digital exhibition hall, will be widely used in various occasions.
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