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The area use form of traffic guidance display!

by:Toponetech     2021-04-10
1. Parking guidance 2. Road condition guidance 3. Instruction guidance 4. Indication signs 5. Political opening information 6. Intelligence information 7. Traffic publicity 8. Tunnel guidance 9. Toll display 10. Traffic diversion LED traffic guidance display can be used to enable The average speed of vehicles on traffic roads is increased by 3% or more, and the response and guidance to traffic accidents can fully reduce the problems of traffic congestion and traffic retention. Automobile drivers are the group that most directly enjoy the information services provided by the traffic guidance system. Through the information board set up on the elevated road, the driver can accurately obtain the information of the road ahead, choose the route in advance, and avoid unnecessary unforeseen phenomena. Tests have shown that after the opening of the guidance system on elevated roads in major cities, the traffic has increased by more than 5%, the average vehicle speed has increased by more than 3%, and the unblocking time has increased by more than 7%. While obtaining information with clairvoyance, drivers can also learn about the road conditions of the elevated roads through the wind ears-the urban rapid traffic information real-time broadcast and release system provides real-time traffic reports every day, which can avoid the embarrassment of blindly getting on the elevated road.  The reason why information boards and radio can provide timely and accurate road information is inseparable from the electronic scouts who continue to fight on the elevated roads-traffic information collectors. According to reports, sensors are laid 5 cm below the road surface of the expressway, and a set of loop detection coils are installed every 400 meters to provide the monitoring center with information such as vehicle speed, road saturation, and road occupancy every 20 seconds on average. At the same time, hundreds of CCTV cameras on expressways in the local area also transmit images to the monitoring center. [touch display productionu200b]    The traffic management department uses this information to monitor the entire city's elevated roads, discover traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns and other emergencies at the first time, and release corresponding information on information boards and broadcasts in a timely manner. The implementation of real-time traffic guidance, the first real-time release of the LED traffic guidance display will play a key role. Today, traffic information is closely related to people’s lives. How to build a more intelligent and comprehensive transportation system more effectively still requires the cooperation of relevant units and related institutions with the general public to ensure the effective and rapid advancement of smart transportation. Revolutionary course.
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