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The Applications Of The Touch All-in-one Machine With Face Recognition Function

The Applications Of The Touch All-in-one Machine With Face Recognition Function


With the popularization of facial recognition technology, mobile phone scanning and unlocking has become a standard feature. The era of facial scanning has already arrived. The consumption of facial recognition was impossible10 years ago, now it has become possible to use facial recognition to withdraw money, and it has extended to check-in and positioning through face recognition. It can be seen that the face recognition technology has been applied to face unlocking and face login on all-in-one phones, tablet touch screens, etc., to now being used in the commercial display industry equipped with high-definition cameras to improve face recognition technology and new developments in the industry.

Based on the traditional application of the smart touch screen all in one, it is equipped with a high camera and corresponding software system, which can realize face recognition in various situations and be widely used.

1. Used in-office attendance. For example, face recognition and touch all-in-one machine can be placed at the front desk of the company to perform face recognition and attendance, which also replaces fingerprint punching and check-in attendance. It only needs to stay for 1 second to complete, which is simple and efficient.

2. Used in airport stations, a set of face recognition display equipment is installed in the car gate, and the ticket is passed through the facial recognition verification, which bid farewell to the cumbersome ticket collection and queue check, thereby improving the efficiency of work.

3. Used in unmanned supermarkets and stores. If you want to improve the shopping experience of customers, you can make a change from the aspect of payment. Customer self-checkout payment instead of cashier collection, equipped with face recognition technology touch all-in-one machine to facilitate shopping and settlement links, help offline supermarkets quickly capture user information to provide personalized services, but also upgrade users experience.

4. Used in hospitals. The face recognition touch screen all in one installed in the hospital can cover multiple functions such as card swiping, ID card recognition, and receipt printing. There is no need to register and pick up numbers on the counter, effectively reducing the queue time and making the smart medical service process smoother.

5. Used in schools. Through face recognition, students sign in to class, teachers sign in and prepare lessons and other functions.

6. Used in smart communities. The face recognition access control system allows residents to enter and exit quickly, and is convenient to manage the entry and exit records of residents and visitors. And the parking lot face.

In the future, face technology will be applied to more fields. In the future, you don’t need to bring cash and a card when you go out. You only need to keep your face, and you can use your face to eat, use your face to consume, and use your face to ride in the car. These all reflect the importance of touch screen all in one in addition to face recognition. Top one tech has mature face recognition system technology and touches technology, which can well integrate the two to help you achieve your product requirements in more application scenarios.

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