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The application of touch screens on casino gaming devices is becoming more and more important

The application of touch screens on casino gaming devices is becoming more and more important


In recent years, with the advancement of technology, touch screen technology has been further developed in the human-computer interaction interface. On many devices in casinos, traditional physical devices are gradually replaced by virtual screens with human-computer interaction.



1. A new casino entertainment experience brought by touch games


We all know that poker, dice, and mahjong are all characters that often appear in casinos. Each of these props has extended thousands of ways to play. Up to now, the gaming methods in the casino have also been updated, such as slot machines, roulette machines, Baccarat, all kinds of machines have been moved to the casino one by one, attracting many players to experience it.


In the past, the roulette machine was large in size, occupying a large area of the casino, and the number of machines placed in the casino is small. At the same time, the rental cost increased. Now, with the addition of a touch screen, it is replaced by an electronic roulette machine composed of a cabinet, without a physical capacitive keyboard, which avoids accidental touches of the keyboard. A roulette machine contains more than 5 to 10 touch screens on which players can operate.

Touch Screens

The installation of the touch screen is also very simple, just dig a hole in the cabinet, arrange the wires, and fix them. This brings the benefits of reducing physical button installation and lowering mold development costs.


During the game, the electronic roulette machine will emit different sounds and colors in different situations, allowing players to immerse themselves in it and get a better experience. For customers, it is undoubtedly a brand-new experience, without external influences, and they can devote themselves to the game. In addition to the roulette machine, the slot machine experience has also been improved. The game operation is smoother, and the game switching is faster.

Touch Screens

2. The touch screen makes the game choices diversified


If it is the gaming equipment that attracts players to enter the casino, then it is the type of game experience that allows players to stay and experience. A variety of game options meet the needs of different gameplay. And when some traditional gameplay is transferred to the touch screen, then everything will become interesting.


In Turkey, a businessman Suat Kucuker designed a touch screen table for fans of board games. It is understood that the board game okey is an entertainment  that combines mahjong and solitaire, and is popular in cafes all over Turkey.


Suat Kucuker’s digital tabletop uses a touch screen instead of a stand, so players can play games safely. He said that he came up with this idea two years ago, but the outbreak ofpandemic madethis dream come true.


If you have more good game ideas in your mind, Top One Tech can also help you turn these game ideas into reality, and then apply them to your casino.


Top One Tech is a leading company aiming at providing customized touch solutions. We can provide product solutions from semi-finished products to finished products, including customized touch screens, customized touch screens and LCD screens, customized touch monitors, etc.


Top One Tech’s customization process is that customers only need to provide ideas or ideas, and Top One Tech is responsible for the rest of the process: from the production of 2D or 3D design drawings, the confirmation and communication of design details, the selection of materials, the control of the production process, and the shipment inspection of finished product, and final delivery of customized products to customers, all these steps will be controlled orderly.


Top One Tech's open frame touch screen monitors include game open frame touch screens and industrial open frame touch screens.


3. Choose the touch screen, pay more attention to the three elements: quality, efficiency and performance


The production of touch screens requires rich technical experience accumulation. Top One Tech has 10 years of touch screen production experience. All products have passed CE and FCC certifications. It has provided multiple device touch solutions for many casinos in Europe and North America, and has received highly favorable reviews.

Touch Screens

Elsie, the person in charge of Top One Tech, revealed that fast running speed, fast touch response speed, and long touch life are the advantages of their products. All product outputs are cost-effective to conquer customers. Touch screens used in casinos generally are capacitive touch screens with multi-touch.


We know that the gaming industry has huge growth potential in many developed countries in Europe, especially Spain and Portugal, which are key markets for the gaming industry. The smooth experience of touch games in live casinos will allow customers to enjoy incredible appeal and promise.


Elsie hopes to continue to cooperate with casino equipment manufacturers and casinos in these regions in the future. Provide touch screen export and touch screen customization services to help various casinos provide good products and good services for their recovery in a more economical way, and upgrade the casino equipment to make the equipment attractive and meet the entertainment experience needs of more customers.

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