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The application of touch screen: the sublimation of the operation

by:Toponetech     2020-07-13
In the 21st century, the extent of the touch screen has spread to everywhere. How is it to replace the traditional keys on the keyboard. In simple terms, if be the mobile phone keyboard, we all the operations can only is a mechanical action: press with finger. This operating mode relative to the touch operation, there is only one advantage: it is feedback; This is why when we need a large number of text input, more than a touch keyboard. But because we the frequency of the gunner machine appears a large number of text input scene is not very high, which means that the edge is not enough to make people consistent use of mobile phone keyboard. Especially when touchscreen smartphones, keystrokes ills exposed: 1, monotonous, hopelessly dull, all instructions can only be done through a press action, dozens of buttons just lay there, waiting for us over and over again on your fingers to press; 2, a basic feature of their physical keyboard is we have to press down to issue instructions, this means that we have to use force on buttons, so we each have a pressure action, our the whole hand actually are hard, so, in the era of mobile phone use buttons, we often feel sore thumb in cell phone use after a period of time, it is because of this reason. And under the condition of some quiet, button under pressure will sound. And if it is a touch screen mobile phone, will be very different: 1, the touch gives us a variety of operating mode. Common is click touch, double-click the touch, the up and down or so four directions to slide, and can reverse sliding from the top and bottom edge of the screen; And because the multitouch phone features, we can use both hands to touch the screen together, or maybe they realize the scaling of the picture, and other functions. Obviously, compared with the same keyboard, touch operation is more colorful, more vivid and flexible, greatly increase the playability of the mobile phone. 2, touch itself is a more simple feedback mechanism. As long as we use the finger touch screen, can get feedback. So, in this process, we need hand itself is not hard, so use for a long time also won't feel tired, at the same time, it will not make a sound. So the operation will make people feel more affinity, more friendly, more natural. So, stand in the Angle of the mode of operation, touch screen operation, from several aspects are vastly superior to key operation; This is why people prefer touch screen mobile phone is one of the most important reasons.
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