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The application of touch screen technology and development were reviewed

by:Toponetech     2020-05-18
The application of touch screen technology in our country is only 10 years of time, but it has become after the keyboard, mouse, tablets, voice input for ordinary people to accept the computer input mode. Because using this technology, the user as long as gently with fingers to touch the glyphs on the computer screen or text can be done to the host operating, so as to make the human-computer interaction more straightforward, this technique has greatly helped users, very suitable for multimedia information query. At the same time, this way of human-computer interaction gives multimedia new look, is a very attractive new multimedia interaction equipment. Basic principle of touch screen, touch screen is the nature of sensor which consists of touch detection unit and touch screen controller. Touch detection unit installed in front of the display screen, used to detect the user touch position, after accept send a touch screen controller; The main role of touch screen controller from touching point detection device to receive information, and convert it to contact coordinates to the CPU, and perform at the same time, can receive commands from the CPU. At present, according to the types of sensors, touch screen is roughly divided into infrared type, resistance, surface acoustic wave and four capacitive touch screen. 1, infrared touchscreen infrared touch screen in front of the display to install a circuit board frame, circuit boards and around the screen configuration of infrared transmitting tube and infrared receiving tube, one to one correspondence form somehow cross infrared matrix. Users in the touch screen, the finger will block after the location of the relation of two infrared, which can determine the location of the touch point on the screen. Any touch objects can change the infrared on the contact and touch screen operation. Infrared touch screen is not affected by current, voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions. Its main advantage is low cost, easy installation, don't need a card, or any other controller can be applied to the computer each class. 2 resistive touch screen, resistive touch screen is the main part of a very cooperate with the resistance of the film screen, and display surface in the glass surface coated with two layers respectively the OTI metal oxide transparent conductive layer. Using the pressure sensor control. When the finger touching the screen. Two layers of conductive layer in the touch point contact, resistance to change. Produced in the X and Y directions signal, then transferred to the touch screen controller. Controller to detect the contact and calculate the ( X,Y) Position, according to simulation the mouse operate. Resistive touch screens are not afraid of dust, water and dirt, can work under bad environment. But because of the outer plastic composite film material, antidetonating quality is bad, is affected by a certain service life. 3, surface acoustic wave touch screen surface acoustic wave is a kind of mechanical wave propagation along the surface of medium. This kind of the Angle of the touch screen is equipped with ultrasonic transducer. Can send a kind of high frequency sound waves across the screen surface, when the finger touch screen, the sound waves on the contact is prevented, determine coordinates. Surface acoustic wave touch screen is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, high resolution, has excellent scratch-resistant resistance, long life, high light transmittance, can keep clear and transparent image quality, suitable for use in public places. But dust, water and dirt will seriously affect their performance, requires constant maintenance, keep the screen surface is bright and clean. 4, the touch screen is capacitive touch screen using the working current of the human body induction, on the glass surface with a layer of transparent conductive material special metal, when conducting objects touch, can change the contact capacitance, which can detect the location of the touch. But with a gloved hand or handheld non-conducting objects touch when no response, this is because increased more insulating medium. Capacitive touch screen can well induction light and fast touch, prevent scratches, not afraid of dust, water and dirt, suitable for harsh environments. But because the capacitance with temperature, humidity or environmental electric field varies, so its stability is poor, low resolution, easy to drift.
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