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The application of touch screen in the automatic filling system

by:Toponetech     2020-07-18
At present, the humanity has entered a new era of information, with all kinds of technology, people demand for ease of communication and communication is becoming more and more urgent. Crown teck type touch screen control and comply with this concept design of high-tech application products. Crown teck touch-screen product implements for the easy way of human-computer interaction, users only need to gently with fingers or any opaque objects touch LCD touch screen content, images or text can be done to the host operating, feeling screen touch experience, thus make the human-computer interaction is more straightforward, very attractive. Crown teck touch screen using the principle of the control system can choose manual and automatic filling. Automatic filling can set first open the valve, the water injection time, and the timing of the time, time to time, such as water injection system will run automatically. Crown teck touch screen main picture. 1. Master the main picture to view the current time, can enter the valve length setting and start the time setting. 2. Valve length setting valve set length pages can set the valve open time. 3. Valve startup time setting valve startup time setting pages can set the time of the valve opens, in time, water injection system will run automatically. Crown teck touch screen which gives new look to the information age, is a very attractive new multimedia interaction equipment. Touch screen is very wide range of application in the information age, mainly is the public information query; Such as telecommunication bureau, tax bureau, bank, electric power department business queries; A city street information query; Also applied to the leadership office, industrial control, military command, electronic games, so I take your order, the multimedia teaching, real estate open to booking, etc. In the future, touch screen and into the family. Crown teck touch screen function is complete, reliable, durable, programming is simple, compared with other touch screen products, friendly interface, programming and maintenance to users with great convenience. With the development of industrial automation, touch screen touch technology is more and more get more people to accept, more and more popular. Crown teck touch screen man-machine interface is a dazzling star. High reliability, long life, high performance makes it more and more get the favour of terminal customers, automation system integrators.
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