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The application of more elaborate advertising machine industry

by:Toponetech     2020-05-29
All-in-one advertising as a product of new era arises at the historic moment, as derived items advertising all-in-one Internet development quickly adapt to the market and rapidly developing market, now almost all can see its presence in all walks of life, and so far are the expansion of the advertising machine. Advertising machine is now in every corner of our lives, no matter what are we doing to almost all can see advertisement machine, it also shows the importance of advertising machine. What about advertising one function to do one, are more likely to create an elegant effect in real life, video broadcast will be more attract people's attention. Compared with traditional static images, with diversified forms there let advertising integration pattern in the promotion, the information and news will by more people's attention. Second, saving use of capital, information update in time compared with traditional print advertising, advertising integration pattern in choose digital information solutions, saving a lot of printing money, shorten the waiting time, information content can be updated at any time. To manifest tablet mainly equipment companies is still active in this occupation of a collective. Three, can control the content of the show to the audience at the user can according to the actual situation, contains the time node, traffic condition, etc. , random broadcast or closed related information, to ensure that the power flow of information. Four, lively atmosphere there is no doubt that advertising integration pattern can foil atmosphere, make information more vivid, image. If your company daily operations on the demand for an air, so advertising integration pattern will be a good choice. Five, there can be arbitrary choice you are free to choose their own needs content, from the news channel - to the communication network video source, advertising images - - - - - - Unlimited choice, at the same time, you can take all the content of demand in the same screen. Crown of photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, is a set of touch screen and industrial touch all-in-one research and development, design, production, sales, one-piece flow system. Has long been a crown of photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , focusing on the design with touch screen and touch all-in-one + sales process, in 2014, our touch screen sales tall 10 million piece, about 300 million yuan output value first touch screen sales records. Crown teck photoelectric company enet garden built in shenzhen mission hills region, with professional engineers and high new production equipment to produce better with touch screen, customers more satisfied. Not only that, but we can also according to the different touch screen needs of each client a full range of custom and production, let customer satisfaction is our service tenet and goal has always been.
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