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The android tablets in the application of intelligent workshop industrial industry

by:Toponetech     2020-11-04

In the intelligent construction of workshop is to promote manufacturing to high-end towards a strategic move, can effectively promote enterprise manufacturing equipment gear upgrades, make manufacturing more 'smart'. Manufacturing industry is in a critical stage of informatization and intelligent integration, information technology gradually penetrates into every aspect of manufacturing site. In the process of manufacturing how fast, accurate, timely acquire and transfer information, has become an urgent problem to solve. To solve above problems, the majority of enterprises in the manufacturing field control has taken some measures, but still faces some informationization improvement requirements:

 1, to reduce the paper drawings in the manufacturing process of product/process single/inspection sheet usage, electronically, but look at anytime and anywhere;

 2, to reduce the people continuously in the process of large parts processing shuttle between processing equipment and computer cost; 

 3, the manufacturing execution process information in a timely manner; 

 4, the assembly inside job, don't need to a lot of paper materials into the work environment, access to information more convenient. 

 5, part/whole test process can get original product information at any time. Crown teck based on the above application scenarios and the related problem in the manufacturing field application, the development of a model can meet the above requirements industrial tablet solution. Android tablet industrial real-time monitor and control the production information in the process of production and production status, through product data management platform, to achieve product design, manufacturing data sharing and the management of equipment. Manufacturing data from the field devices, via special interface for equipment information, workshop equipment or custom equipment installed in the device status information acquisition device for equipment information, through wired or wireless network is passed on to the installation of the manufacturing system of industrial tablet. Real-time view the upload data on the tablet android industry information and alarm status, drawing the import and download the relevant material. You can also use the offline APP, real-time information offline fill, on-line automatic synchronization.                                

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