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The android all-in-one control in the development of industry

by:Toponetech     2020-08-07
Android is a kind of free and open source code based on Linux operating system, mainly used in mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, and open handset alliance led by Google company and development. Obviously, the android applications on mobile phones, tablets and other consumer electronic products. Consumer electronics pays attention to individual user experience, feel, touch sensitivity, functions, Telephone, Internet, video, etc. ) 。 Industrial applications are very different, relatively coarse appearance, single function, only need to implement a particular interface control function, need to set aside 232485 or CAN interface, thus to realize stable control. Contact with the equipment is operating workers. In touch ways, most android distribution is the capacitance screen, and is a multi-touch. Industrial application in fact many cases cannot be used capacitance screen, anti-interference capacitive screen industry is poor, poor resistance to oil, The hand of the operator is likely to have a lot of stain) 。 So industrial control aspect, if android is to use, need to match the resistance touch screen is enough. In terms of hardware requirements, the requirements of the android than WinCE, Linux system hardware requirements much higher, that is to say, if the industry USES the android, hardware cost will be much higher. In addition, in terms of development cost, recruit a Java programmer than a programmer (a configuration Common electrician is ok) Much higher input costs. Many defects lead to few people on the market to research the android industry application. Industrial Android Android tablet as developing rapidly in recent years, industrial control equipment, has been rapid development. Also with the progress of industrial technology and application fields, applications involving medical, intelligent transportation, commercial terminals and other fields. Android Android industrial computer is applied to the stability of the overall advantage lies in its operation in the field of industrial control, in hardware performance, the hardware configuration generally do not need too much, but along with the expansion of application fields, especially in professional and technical integration degree higher areas, such as medical, military and security areas, it is objectively to industrial Android has a higher requirement for the comprehensive performance of the tablet.
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