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The 22-inch Customized Touch Screens are Packaged and Shipped to North America

The 22-inch Customized Touch Screens are Packaged and Shipped to North America


Fast shipping, small batch production, and customizable services have always been TopOneTech's service advantages. In addition to the regular product layout, support for touch screen customizable services is the focus of TopOneTech’s business. We have close exchanges and cooperation with the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Denmark and many other countries in the Americas, Europe and other continents .

customized touch screens shipping

The following video shows a batch of 22-inch touch screens that will be shipped to North America, a total of 500 sets, they are customized for a 36-year-old North American gaming equipment manufacturer. The customer used online information to find a supplier of customized touch screens, and then contacted us. After quotation, sample confirmation, and technical analysis and comparison, the customer finally reached a cooperation with us.


What did TopOneTech finally rely on to win the trust of customers? In addition to its strong strength and good reputation, the product's technological innovation and excellent product performance ultimately conquered customers. Originally the customer used the 22-inch old surface capacitive screen. Its working principle and applied technology are relatively simple, and it is single-touch, which cannot meet the diverse needs of the customer's gaming equipment. In addition, the surface of the surface capacitive screen is simply covered with a layer of film, which does not provide a good protection for the surface of the touch screen, it is easy to be scratched, and the service life is not long.


Therefore, after many times of communication, we have proposed a customized solution of 22-inch projected capacitive touch screen with our latest technology and ultra-narrow bezel in response to the customer's demand for gaming equipment, so that it can be fully matched with the customer's gaming equipment. Traditional projected capacitive screens have high production costs and can only produce touch screens with wide bezels. Such shortcomings have caused many equipment manufacturers to give up using them.

touch screens

However, after TopOneTech's technical innovation of the projected capacitive screen, the touch sensing system has been upgraded:

1. The original single-point touch is improved to multi-point touch.

2. The wide frame design of the touch screen has been improved to achieve an ultra-narrow frame, which is perfectly integrated with game equipment.

3. The anti-electromagnetic interference ability of the projected capacitive screen becomes better, and it will not be repelled by the game equipment circuit.

4. Its surface is covered with a layer of tempered glass, which can prevent scratches and make the service life longer.

Because of the technological innovation and maturity, the production cost of the projected capacitive screen has been further reduced, and the customized effect has naturally made customers very satisfied.

From confirmation of mass production to shipment, it takes 15 days to deliver the goods to customers efficiently. Not only paying attention to quality, TopOneTech also takes efficiency into account. Do you have any customized touch screen needs? Just come to us, we guarantee to meet your needs.

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