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Ten tips for maintaining LED outdoor displays?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-22
Outdoor touch display has become the darling of outdoor media advertising. For commercial customers, effective maintenance can ensure long-term stable operation of outdoor LED displays, thereby avoiding equipment failures that interfere with daily use. The following are some details that should be paid attention to in use: 1. Switch sequence:   A: First turn on the control computer to make it work normally, then turn on the outdoor touch display;   B: Turn off the outdoor LED display first, then Turn off the computer;   2. Any break or other damage should be replaced in time, special screws, pins, load-bearing beams, etc.;   3. Regularly inspect the surface of the product and steel structure welding points for anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion paint, if there is peeling or rust Anti-rust paint or anti-rust paste should be sprayed in time;   4. The power supply should be stable and the grounding protection should be good. Do not use it under severe natural conditions, especially strong lightning weather. Regularly check the reliability of the lightning rod and the grounding system;    5. Rainy season Check to determine whether there is water leakage;     6. Regularly check the power and signal lines for broken skin or biting phenomenon;   7. Check the product power distribution system every six months;     8. Outdoor LED exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time The display screen is easily contaminated with dust. You can use alcohol to wipe, or use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, but you can't wipe it directly with a damp cloth;   9. According to the large-screen automatic preset mode, test the individual functions such as start, stop, brightness adjustment, and program list one by one;   10 .Outdoor LED display needs to have a rest time of more than 2 hours a day, and use it at least once a week during the rainy season. Turn on the screen at least once a month and light it for more than 2 hours.
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