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Television can also touch smart appliances has become a trend

by:Toponetech     2020-10-29

On November 22, 2018-24, touch industry influential 2018 shenzhen international all touch and display fair in shenzhen convention and exhibition center grand opening. The exhibition not only gathered there are nearly 1000 well-known brands at home and abroad, have a better chance of touch screen with more than 36000 from 36 countries and regions, display, home appliance, tablet, mobile phone design and high value buyers and consumer electronics manufacturing industry in close contact with customers. It is understood that the current touch products are mainly applied in the business market, capacitive touch, as a representative of the dealer show market high-end although customer experience effect is very good, but because the capacitance screen mainstream use G + + F F technology, cost has been high, was basically a loner. 

 New use PET film material processing technology, will be toughened glass on the surface of the () Replace hardening membrane ( HC Film) Two layer of conductive film, adhesive ( ) Made by 3 touch module consisting of a piece of film laminating directly on the LCD panel. Both realize the joint experience of touch and display effect, and greatly reduce the module material cost. Crown teck touch screen can also customize according to requirements of the industry, at the same time, 3 f scheme adopts the whole joint technology, there is no air layer, reduce interference, not easily into water vapor, writing experience stronger, laminating on 4 k resolution LCD screen, through the rate more than 85%, show more clearly, can be directly to the TV appearance, and is widely applied in family education, meeting, exhibition, etc.  

Different scenarios. From the advent of smart phones, touch industry ushered in the rapid development of this kind of way of human-computer interaction, quickly changed people's life, for a while, touch everywhere, extend from smart phones to tablets, to many products in the field of business, can say people's acceptance to touch and ushered in the new peak demand. So much demand, nature also contributed to touch the market boom, many manufacturers have started to enter this field.
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